Più di 1,5 goal Pronostici e oltre 1,5 goal Suggerimenti per le scommesse

(il oltre 1,5 gol di scommesse sugli obiettivi devi piazzare una scommessa in un unico posto )

Più di 1,5 gol di scommesse sugli obiettivi sono una delle scelte più redditizie e sottovalutate. Le previsioni di oltre 1,5 gol sono molto preferibili per le scommesse live e possono portare a profitti significativi.

Suggerimenti Calcio Più di 1,5 goal basati sulla percentuale statistica

squadra di casa - squadra in trasferta Suggerimento logica
Over 1.5
VPS ha più di 1.5 goal in 100% delle sue partite negli ultimi 2 mesi (Totale partite 5).
Over 1.5
Rayo Alcobendas U19 ha più di 1.5 goal in 100% delle sue partite negli ultimi 2 mesi (Totale partite 6).

Why over 1.5 betting tips are so popular?

Over 1.5 goals betting tips or over 1.5 goals predictions are one of the most popular tips that people use. Maybe due to the fact that they don't require so many goals to be scored and as we all know the point of the game will always be scoring goals. Over 1.5 goals betting tips almost always happen when there is an early goal in the game and that's why they a real money maker for live inplay staking.

Imagine a team scored an early goal and went to it's defensive strategy of play and the other team pushing forward to return from behind. This condition always leads to a second goal either by the pushing team or by the defending team performing quick counter attacks.

Even not having much with the stats after the match goes crazy due to an early goal, over 1.5 goals betting tips should also be researched through the stats for the teams playing. Our advise is to pick teams which have over 85% of over 1.5 goals in their last 5-10 rounds and have an attack-minded coach and players. These unique stats can be found under the detailed page for each match that we provide to help you sort your over 1.5 predictions.

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