Cookie Policy is operated from Bulgaria, and therefore we have to comply with Bulgarian and European Union (EU) laws. All websites operated in the EU have to comply with these laws to protect your privacy. There are several laws and directives that we abide by with regards to privacy and cookies. We want to make sure that as a user of our website you are fully aware of the laws that protect you as a user. The following background gives you an overview of the legal framework that is in place for all websites operated in the European Union. This background is taken from the United Kingom Information Commissioner's Office ( The ICO have provided updated guidance on the latest legal framework as of May 2012 ( The legal history below has led to current guidance: The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (the Regulations) cover the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing information, and accessing information stored, on a user's equipment such as their computer or mobile. The 2003 Regulations implemented a European Directive - 2002/58/EC In 2009 this Directive was amended by Directive 2009/136/EC. This included a change to Article 5(3) of the E-Privacy Directive requiring consent for storage or access to information stored on a subscriber or users terminal equipment – in other words a requirement to obtain consent for cookies and similar technologies. Governments in Europe had until 25 May 2011 to implement these changes into their own law.

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