How can you have better ball control?

Have you ever got the feeling that your ball contr

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How can you have better ball control?

Have you ever got the feeling that your ball control isn’t good enough and you lack some essential knowledge when working on your football skills? Perfect ball control is a necessary skill for every football player, whether you are an amateur who only wants to start playing or a professional.

The importance of the first touch, different exercises, essential hacks while playing – this post will give you all the information about improving your ball control to start playing confidently.

Learn how to pull off contact

You never know how a ball can arrive at you during the game, so always be ready to make a first touch clear. Dribbling the ball carefully is what you also should concentrate on. For example, gentle manipulation allows more frequent contact with the ball, which definitely raises chances to keep it under control.

Also, it’s important not to lose sight of the ball while you move, especially to make sure you use peripheral vision’s bottom as many beginners tend to forget about it.

Ball control mastery

In order to be on firm ground, you’d better be aware of every single way of controlling a ball with all your body parts allowed by the rules. Each situation needs different ball interaction methods: inside or outside of your feet, instep, sole of the feet.

The chosen method depends on getting the ball from opponents or your team player. Don’t forget about the times when using chest, head and thigh. You can practice trying these methods on your own, creating the situations including jumping, changing the pace, running, etc.

Practice systematically

Yes, the most crucial part of learning ball mastery is regular training! Create an exercise schedule and develop your skills. One training can consist of several repeating practices with different time limits. Make sure your equipment is safe to prevent possible injuries and follow a range of techniques you can use daily such as:

  • Practice juggling: This method is perfect for controlling the ball in motion as it develops your balance skills very well. Remember to start bouncing the ball in front of you at the height of your chest.
  • Use soccer cones: Dribbling the balls on the field and not letting them touch the cones illustrate many possible situations that can appear during a real match because hurdles make you act faster in any unpredictable conditions.
  • Do ball shuffling: Try passing the ball between your feet and not let it go as long as you can. This develops better coordination and reaction to quick changes.

Also, think about choosing a perfect field to play on so that your team can always feel comfortable.

Follow general recommendations

Always remember to have a careful preparation process when considering factors such as wearing proper shoes and clothes while playing, which will make the game safe and enjoyable. Also, warming up and stretching are the activities that are necessary before doing every sport, having healthy eating habits as well.

What also makes your ball control skills better is watching different football matches with the best teams playing – learning from successful players is an enjoyable and valuable activity!

Ball control is a skill that can change the result of a match; therefore, keep in mind to check whether your team has ball control masters like Messi and Neymar when placing a bet on betting sites by Betpack.


All in all, it is clear that paying enough attention to working on your ball control is quite important if you want to achieve certain success in football. It is never late to hone your skills and gain experience in football. Consider all the techniques, take notes on your preferable ones, and remember that practice makes perfect!