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Eric Beard - Founder, Editor. @bearderic

Though dreams of a professional career ended after spending a year in Italy training at Ascoli’s youth academy, Eric still is dedicated to the beautiful game, but a bit more focused on his studies. Eric often finds himself musing over the drama, the tactics, and the comedy surrounding the game. Having lived in Barcelona for a semester, he’s developed a deep appreciation for La Liga, Spanish fútbol, and Miró. He enjoys providing a lens of philosophical insight whenever possible in football, as well as executing well-timed two-footed tackles. He’s also masterful at reasoning himself out of bookings and is proudly yet to be sent off.

Jordan Beard - Co-Founder. @escucharemos

Proficient in Spanish, Jordan can be found performing rabonas and stepovers throughout the midfield and along the touchline. Recently serving as the captain of his side, it isn’t rare to find him harness his inner-Iniesta and change the momentum of a match. But his creativity on the pitch is reflected off it as well. Not only has Jordan helped turn AFR into a beautifully developed site, but he also has a passion for music and drops newly found beats on his personal site, Escucharemos (We Will Listen). An avid follower of Spanish and English football, Jordan is a La Liga aficionado who could also tell you where Nottingham Forest sits in the Championship table.

Dominic Vieira - Managing Editor. @dominicvieira

Though his hometown is irrefutably Lisbon, Dominic rarely finds time to return unless there’s a Benfica match on at the Estádio da Luz.  A devoted 5 a-side ‘maestro’ with a strong passion for coaching, watching, and providing analysis on football. Dominic has worked at several English and Portuguese clubs, more recently he can be found working in London. Dominic writes frequently for AFR, focusing on European football, scouting the next generation of talent and posting ‘golazos’.

Max Grieve - Managing Editor. @maxjgri

An Australian; Max came into football relatively late, but has since found himself invariably upset with another Liverpool result as the sun comes up each Sunday morning. He’s an advocate of fair play when it suits him, and is disappointed with football, and indeed the way of the world, whenever John Terry is happy. A Dirk Kuyt enthusiast and still available for international selection, having reversed plans for retirement after the 2010 World Cup, he’s ashamed to admit that he briefly entertained the possibility of a Pep Guardiola-led revolution at Anfield. As well as writing for AFR, he’s also the editor of football editorial blog The Substitution.

Oliver Sparrow - Senior Writer. @oddsoccer

With a degree in both English and Philosophy from the University of Leeds, Mr. Sparrow is a great writer with his own unique style of capturing quirkiness, intensity, and genius in his work. Oliver, or Oli, provides a proper Englishman’s lens on the beautiful game. Mr. Sparrow also helped contribute to The Guardian’s coverage of the 2010 World Cup. He’s also been known to get stuck in and score hat-tricks on Wednesday nights with his local 5-a-side team. Oh, and he’s gone top shelf against David Seaman. Top man.

Ulysse Pasquier - Senior Writer. @ulyssep

Originally from Paris, Ulysse lived in South Korea and Poland before discovering his passion for football in Malaysia. Enchanted by Thierry Henry’s moments of magic at Highbury, Ulysse quickly fell in love with Arsenal and the Premier League. Though the pace of the English game is more to his liking, Ulysse also follows his home country’s Ligue 1 and has undying support for Les Bleus. Now studying Political Science and Geography at McGill University in Canada, Ulysse relishes any excuse to give his perspective and analysis of the beautiful game.

Darshan Joshi - Senior Writer. @thedarshan

Having grown up in Singapore and Malaysia, Darshan is currently studying at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, in the hopes of one day becomes an uptight Wall Street bachelor, luring in the green as he does the birds. A Manchester United supporter who would sometimes rather Liverpool lose than have his team win, he follows the Premier League and Bundesliga with intense vigour, and has the tendency to add a tinge of light-hearted humour to even the most serious of articles.

Soraya Soemadiredja - Senior Writer. @semuabangsa

Soraya describes herself as just another recovering diplobrat with a passion for the beautiful game! She’s particularly fascinated by the socio-political aspects of football, which she often mentions in her own blog. Having grown up transcontinentally, trailing after parents in international development and working in humanitarian relief, she has experienced first hand how football truly does bridge linguistic, religious, cultural, economic and age gaps…as much as it can divide.

Elizabeth Cotignola, Esq. - Focusing on football from the lens of a lawyer, Chicago. @ladialovina

Elizabeth was born and raised the child of Italian expatriates in Montréal, Canada – which makes English her third language after Italian and French. She earned a degree in political science and international development at McGill University before resettling in Chicago, where she’s now an attorney. A former defender and lifelong devotee of the Church of Maldini, she loves Milan and her beloved Azzurri with a zeal most reserve for their significant others.  While Elizabeth is enamoured of all that the beautiful game entails, her writing primarily focuses on the interplay between football and the law. You can catch up with her on Twitter or on Tumblr.

Gordon Fleetwood - Senior Writer. @gorayfle

Gordon is a student who loves the beautiful game when played with style, so unsurprisingly he prefers to write about Brazil’s brand of Joga Bonito. Beyond Brazil, Gordon’s love for football knows no limits and he can be found watching matches being played anywhere from Japan to Italy to Uruguay.

Saheli RC - Writer. @riverscollide

A lifelong fan of Real Madrid CF, Saheli is known to lament the days of Manolo Sanchis, Raúl, Fernando Hierro and Fernando Morientes. She also loves her Real Madrid cantera boys and, regardless of what the statistics tell her, feels they are best damn youth academy in the world. She also has mad respect for Sir Alex Ferguson and would one day love to invite him over for tea to discuss football and José Mourinho.

John Ray - Senior Writer. @mynameisjohn

Andrew Crawford - Writer. @ShoulderGalore

Jared Mercer - Writer. @jaredwilly

Ajay Rose - Writer. @Ajay_Rose

Ogo Sylla - Writer. @RossonerOgo_3

Caleb Cousens - Guest Writer. @FootballCantera

Mohamed Moallim - Guest Writer. @jouracule

Giancarlo Rinaldi - Guest Writer. @ginkers

Daniel Colasimone - Guest Writer. @ArgentinaFW

Aside from the main members of the team, A Football Report has featured pieces from talented writers based in over 30 countries around the world.

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