Will the Premier League title race become more exciting again in 2020/2021?

For now, it’s still unclear as to how the 2020/202

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Will the Premier League title race become more exciting again in 2020/2021?

For now, it’s still unclear as to how the 2020/2021 Premier League would unfold but one thing for sure is that it will be exciting if not more exciting than the 2019/2020 Premier League. Due to the corona virus pandemic the players of the league have a relatively shorter grace period to both train and conduct some transfers. The premier league is set to start in September and as of now it has remained less than 40 days before it commences. The 20 teams that would play in this coming season are set and many football fanatics have come up with predictions of how the game would go.

The 20 teams that would take part in the league are Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester united, Chelsea, Wolves, Leicester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Southampton, West ham, Brighton, Burnley, Sheffield united, Aston Villa, Newcastle united, Fulham, Leeds united and West Brom. There are many schedule dates that have undergone some changes, and it is very early to make the predictions. Fulham Football club, Leeds United and West Brom is out of relegation thanks to them winning the playoffs that happened on the second week of August. Football fanatics are eager to know the transfers that would occur from September the 12th to October the 5th.

The three teams are definitely going to bring something new to the table, and fans are here for it. Especially Leeds United which sources privy to the team communicated very early

that they are fully prepared to take premier league by storm. These transfers usually affect the game significantly hence one of the reasons as to why it is hard to predict the outcome of the league.

Additionally, we are all eager to know how the other teams would perform. For instance, those that finished strong such as Liverpool and Man City, it is exhilarating to find out whether or not they would be able to keep the fire burning as the season begins. This brings us to the question that is in everyone’s minds and the question is whether or not Manchester City would be able to take the cup from Liverpool. While other teams such as Manchester United and Totten ham have got the opportunity to prove themselves.

Fanatics and bettors are a bit apprehensive on whether Manchester City would take the cup this coming season but its fans are positive that it might be able to take the cup from Liverpool. Liverpool’s team manager, Jürgen Klopp, announced that the team wouldn’t invest hugely on a player although it is said that they are buying Bayern Munich’s midfielder Thiago Alcantara and many of Liverpool’s diehard fans have put their faith in his ability to help the team to take the cup.

Manchester United has been the talk of the in the premier league trends following their rise towards the end of the season. Over the past two seasons, the team hasn’t managed to take reduce the gap for a very long time and the pressure to at least close the glaring gap that is between it and the two teams, Manchester City and Liverpool is mounting. The team manager, Ole Gunnar, is being pressured to handle the two major problems that seem to cost the team the cup and these problems are the team’s goalkeeper, David de Gea, and the fact that there isn’t a solid defender to help the other defender Harry Maguire.

Chelsea football club has managed to surpass people’s expectations especially after they were banned from transferring after they transferred their star player Eden Hazard. The team managed to make a great comeback after the corona virus break as the two great players Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Christian Pulisic came back after fully recovering. After the team managed to be at the top 4 in the 2019/2020, many people have started to have high hopes on the team actually winning. Another thing that we are all eager to discover is the players that they would buy. However, they have signed in three great players from three great teams. The three players are Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner and RB Leipzig.

It is still not certain whether the games would be moved from playing in closed doors to packed stadiums as the chief executor has been quoted saying that the league is fully prepared for both probabilities but they are hopeful that the games would take place in fully packed stadiums. The premier league is definitely going to be an exciting season as there are so many uncertainties and different teams are struggling to get the cup.

Even though the dates were moved to September instead of the second week of August, this is the first season that the players haven’t got enough time to actually train so fingers are crossed as to whether the players would be able to play to their maximum potential. However, the only thing we can all do is wait patiently till September. Enough time to choose the bookmaker for the final match, which you can simply do on thepunterspage.com/all-bookmakers/ where you also find a lot more useful information about sports betting. Bettors who want to know how the probabilities would be for the 2020/2021 should compare the odds of different bookmakers for easier evaluation.