How Bettors Can Prepare for Euros

Apart from the World Cup, the European Championshi

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How Bettors Can Prepare for Euros

Apart from the World Cup, the European Championship remains a significant tournament in the world of football. Prior to this year's edition, each country had decided the team to qualify for the event. The 2016 tournament was won by Portugal. Considering the fact that the event is a huge one, it is expected that punters would be interested to wager some bets on it.

In fact, when online betting is being considered, the European Championships tournament is one of the biggest events. Bettors are excited about the tournament, whether or not their nation qualified for it. Top teams such as France, Belgium, Spain, England, and the Netherlands will be contending to win the Euros.

In this article, tips that can help bettors prepare for the tournament are provided. This will help them make important betting decisions.

Find out which teams are qualified

Irrespective of your choice of betting market, it is important that you have a good idea of the qualified teams even though the qualifying phase is over. The tournament often sees teams go through a qualification process. Prior to 2020, there were 10 groups totaling 56 teams. From the 10 groups, there were 20 places while four places occurred via play-offs. In other words, the top two teams from each group qualified for the tournament while the remaining four teams were settled in the play-offs.

The play-offs featured 16 nations with four routes, each of which had two semi-finals and a final. For instance, the League C of the play-off saw Scotland win Serbia in a penalty shootout (5-4) to join Wales and England at the tournament. This was against the former tradition that involved granting an automatic spot to each of the participating nations.

For this year's event, 24 teams would be competing for the championship title. Group A is composed of Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, and England. Group B is constituted by Belgium, Russia, Denmark, and Finland. Group C has Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, and North Macedonia. Group D has teams England, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Scotland. Spain, Poland, Sweden, and Slovakia are in Group E while Group F has teams Germany, France, Portugal, and Hungary.

Apart from this, qualifying host nations will play at least two games at home in the group stage phase. However, if both paired nations qualify, a draw will take place. The aim would be to determine the nation to host their direct group-stage match. Each group's winner and runner-up will get to the knockout stages as well as emerge as the four best third-placed teams.

Make sure to have a solid sportsbook

There are a large number of online betting platforms from which you can select, each offering a different range of benefits. Even with the emphasis on loyalty in the online betting business, there is a need to explore enough options before deciding the one to play with.

The betting sector is such a competitive one, and different bookmakers will lure you with some juicy benefits, some of which may turn out to be deceitful. Shop around to determine the bookmaker with the best price for your preferred market.

Some bookmakers such as Paddy Power offer their customers, usually new ones, a £10 risk-free wager that could be used to place bets on the tournament. Upon selecting your preferred bookmaker, you should make sure you check the terms.

A good way to make sure you’re on the safe side is to listen to the people that actually review these sportsbooks for a living. Online Betting Guide is one of these sites and they provide a full list of the best sportsbooks to choose from for the Euros.

Do your research on the team

As a bettor, you wouldn't want to be unconcerned about team news on a regular basis. Beyond winning its last game, how well did your preferred team play offensively and defensively? Was it the case that it was good at keeping possession or luck only worked in its favor?

It is important that you have a firm grasp of the prospects of each team in the competition. Many factors determine the chances of teams in the tournament and will inform your betting. There are online bookmakers that provide predicted and confirmed lineups, fixtures, injury news, standings, among others as well as the latest stats and odds for all European Championship nations and teams.

Usually, every manager names their squad ahead of the start of a tournament. Certain key players must also be able to prove their fitness prior to the next match. A star player, for instance, might appear on the sidelines for some or all the matches in a tournament. Also, there is the chance that a player, if featured, will receive two yellow cards or a red card and, as a result, get suspended for a part of the competition.

By carrying out in-depth research on your team, you stand a good chance to make a good betting option, thus increasing your winning potential. Learn more on other football betting strategies.

Other helpful tips

Avoid betting with your heart

If you are a bettor, then you may have to bet against your team sometimes. The reality is that you will always want your team to win, and you may even go as far as convincing yourself of your team's winning chances. After little thought, you've created a bet and staked it. Oftentimes, the result might not be favorable. This form of betting should be avoided. Betting should be based on in-depth research rather than your love for a particular team.

Make fewer selections

There are some do’s and don’ts in football betting. You stand a higher winning chance with fewer selections. However, this doesn't rule out the possibility of hitting a win in any way. At the same time, one can also lose with singles. Professional bettors would always advise punters to think small if they are betting to make money. With enough research, you should be able to determine your chance of winning on a particular bet.


As teams and players are striving to outdo one another in terms of performance in the UEFA European Championship tournament with other fans attempting to enjoy the high moments of the event, bettors also stand a chance to bet on the summer matches and their preferred team. You may have to keep in touch to stay updated on the changes that might occur before and during the tournament.