Handicaps de Goal Handicaps y Asiáticos Pronósticos de Apuestas para hoy

(las desventajas de apuestas asiáticas necesitas apostar en un solo lugar)

Las desventajas de los goles y las desventajas asiáticas son una de las puntas de fútbol más usadas porque cubren básicamente todas las condiciones de gol que podrían suceder durante un partido de fútbol. En este tipo de predicciones uno de los equipos se da una ventaja antes o durante la jugabilidad del partido.

Ventajas de goles diarias -1, -2 predicciones ventajas y estadísticas.

equipo local - equipo de fuera Consejo lógica
Ukraine U19 League
Más de 1
El Shakhtar Donetsk U19 ha ganado sus últimos 4 juegos con más de 1 goles.

Basics of goals handicaps and asian handicaps betting tips

Handicaps goals or asian handicaps have a lot to do with number of goals as well but here the goals are specific and defined. Here one of the playing teams is given a hedge or head start over the other playing team and the odd is attached according to the rate of head start. Many times the odd attached appears to be confusing, a solid understanding about how goal handicap works helps to interpret the odds and predict effectively. For instance, Chelsea is believed to beat Manchester United in a football match, the bookmaker might then decide to give Manchester United a +3 handicap advantage that is 3 goals head start over Chelsea. If you then predict or place a handicap bet on Chelsea to win and they only win the game 2-0, you will definitely lose the bet, due to the goals handicaps that had been placed on Manchester United. According to bookmakers Chelsea lost the game 3-2. One important thing to know is to always bear in mind that in asian handicap betting, the handicap only applies to the selection you are predicting on. It is applied to the actual outcome of the game in order to grade your prediction. There are three types of Goals Handicap tips to be aware of before predicting

Level Handicap
This type of handicap goal tip is one where there is no perceived difference in abilities between both teams, so zero handicaps is applied to both teams, that is no head start for any of the team.In other to win bet in this type of prediction, one should be able to find out the team with the best scoring chances over the other. It is irrelevant for one-sided encounters but is useful in that it eliminates any draw chances and if in any way the game ends in a draw bets will refunded as there is no winning when the game ends in a tie in zero handicap.

Single Handicap
Here, a vast difference is perceived in the abilities between both teams. Therefore, the team perceived to have the highest abilities will be given appropriate asian or goal handicap to level down the winning chances for the teams for the purpose of predicting or betting, the handicap goals in this form -0.5, -1, -1.5 goals and so on.If team A is given a handicap of -1 goal and you place a bet on the team to win then the team must win by more than one goal to cover the asian handicap applied and for you to win the bet. If the team should win by one goal, then the match end up in a draw as a result of the handicap applied. Therefore, the bet will be refunded but if team B draw or win; you will lose your bet on team A.

Split Handicap
When the abilities between the two teams are found to be very small, it allows you to split your stake. If you bet on team A which is offered 0 and -0.5 handicap, if they lose, you will definitely lose both bets because they both didn’t meet up with the handicap applied.In case the match ends in a draw, the first (0) half of your fund will be given back while you lose the other (-0.5) half but if team A should win, both bets are won as the handicap was covered.

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