Your Guide to Betting on UEFA Euro 2020 | Pro Tips to Consider

It took a year, but the UEFA Euro 2020 is about to

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Your Guide to Betting on UEFA Euro 2020 | Pro Tips to Consider

Betting Tips to Help You Be a Winner During UEFA Euro 2020

It took a year, but the UEFA Euro 2020 is about to get underway as the top teams in Europe will compete for the title of top team on the continent. This is one of the most important tournaments on the planet, especially this year, as this will give fans and oddsmakers a preview of who will be the team to beat coming out of Europe for next year’s World Cup.

Of course, there are many fans who are not just interested in seeing who will win. There are an abundant number who want to get in on the action, placing bets on outcomes of games as well as choosing who should win it all. If this sounds like you and you would like some betting tips to assist you in making some smart picks, this guide is sure to help you.

Top Betting Sites in Kenya

Before diving too deeply into the contests themselves, it is important to know where to place your bets. In Kenya, there are a number of great sites that offer you the opportunity to wager on your favorite contests. Like this review that, for example, spotlights Betfair as one of best betting sites in Kenya. In reviewing the top options available on the local betting market, there were several features taken into account:

  • Market of sports available
  • In-game and prop betting
  • Odds and spreads offered
  • Platform and Ease of use
  • Reputation of the site

All of these things were considered when finding the best betting site in Kenya for you to use.

See How Teams Are Performing

One of the things you should consider before diving into the action is to check out the performances of players heading into the Euro 2020. Many of these players have been playing for their club teams and so you should spend some time going through each player's performance to see how they have been playing heading into the tournament.

While this is not an absolute indicator of how well they will perform, it gives you an idea of how well they may be feeling about their performance. Sometimes, a confident player can be the difference, and you can search for results at sites that provide comprehensive results about football.

It may also be good to look across sports betting sites to see if you can find expected prop bets related to a player to see how well they have been doing. In the Betfair review, one of the things you will notice is that there are sites that offer a number of prop bets that are directly related to player performance. You can find how well a player has been doing, which should give you some direction about how well that player may do once the tournament gets underway.

Check Out the Online Betting Odds for the Teams

Before you get too involved in placing bets, spend some time learning about the teams that are expected to win it all. Oddsmakers have already determined who the likely winners will be, as the order for odds is:

  1. France – 5/1
  2. England – 11/2
  3. Belgium – 6/1
  4. Portugal – 8/1
  5. Germany – 9/1
  6. Span – 9/1
  7. Netherlands – 11/1
  8. Italy – 12/1
  9. Denmark – 25/1
  10. Croatia – 40/1
  11. Turkey – 50/1
  12. Switzerland – 70/1
  13. Sweden – 75/1
  14. Sweden – 75/1
  15. Poland – 80/1

We have only included the top 15 here as it is likely that if you are not seeing your country or your favorite pick included in the top 15 that they are likely not going to do very well in the EURO.

Be Smart When Betting Online in Football

Now, let’s talk about how this benefits you. First, when involved with online sports betting of any kind it is important to keep in mind what your biases may be. Let’s give an example.

If you are believing Slovakia, with odds set at 300/1, are going to win the EURO 2020 and are throwing a bunch of money at it because of your belief, you are likely only doing so because your heart is making the decision for you. Clearly, you are not using your head to make this decision.

What you will find is that far too often people are betting with their heart, deciding that the team that they love will somehow pull out a dramatic victory and win it all. It makes for a good story in movies, but it is not reality in an international competition like this.

To avoid making mistakes like this, the most sensible thing to do is to remove this issue from the equation altogether. Choose to not bet on events where your favorite team is playing or where a team that you absolutely loathe is involved. This is just as important. If you absolutely hate a team, you are likely to bet hoping they will lose and that does not help your decision making process either.

Keep your emotions out of betting and you will go a lot further.

Look for Bets You Know

One of the things you will learn if you do a lot of sports betting in Kenya, is that the more you know about a sport and the players involved, the more likely you are to have success. This is going to be a key factor when betting on the UEFA EURO 2020.

As you look through the odds leading into the tournament, you are not only going to find odds on who will win it all and who will win the opening matchups, but you will also find odds for who will be the Player of the Tournament and who will score the most goals. The Kenya betting sites found in the Betfair betting review will provide you with odds for these kings of bets as well.

You may find that these are smart bets to make but only if you have been doing your homework. This is why it was mentioned to you about looking back at recent performances for players. This will definitely help you to make some smart bets as you will know who is doing quite well or who to avoid.

Again, keep your heart out of it. Just because you absolutely love a player does not mean that they are going to do well. Keep this kind of decision making out of your decisions.

Why Are They Favored?

This is a great one to take a look at. For example, while the odds do not have England listed as the prohibitive favorites, one reason why you may want to go with them is that the schedule looks quite favorable for them. Not only do the Brits have a great group, but they are also going to be playing all of their group play contests and the first two rounds of the knockout rounds, should they make it there, in front of their own home crowd.

This is what has so many highs in England. The way that the seeding is set, England gets a favorable set as they will be at Wembley stadium for much of the tournament. This gives them a big psychological edge.

Find Some Fun Bets

One last tip we want to give you is to get in on an unusual bet. One of the best is to choose the winner of the tournament and who will be the top scorer. This is not as hard as you may think and is actually a smart wager to make.

For example, if you think that England is a lock to win, then you may want to see if there is a player who will likely be the top scorer. For England, that is going to be Harry Kane. This would make it smart to go with England and Kane.

You do not have to choose a player from the winning team, however. You may think that Belgium is the likely winner, but believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to be the leading scorer of the tournament. You can choose the combination and get some pretty good odds.

These kinds of bets are smart ones. They can earn you a lot of money if you are right. It is true that you have to be right about both, but these can be bets that can be easy to call if you are sure that a player and a team is going to play a lot of games. The longer a team goes into the tournament, the more likely it is that player will be the top scorer,

It is great to have the UEFA EURO 2020 ready to go and this is your opportunity to get in on the action. Using your head will help you to make smart picks and give you a great chance of making some big money.