Why Companies are Eager to Sponsor Major Football Clubs

Apart from the technical skills honed through spor

A Football Report
Why Companies are Eager to Sponsor Major Football Clubs

Apart from the technical skills honed through sports, it is an avenue where discipline and sportsmanship are instilled. People from around the globe gather in support of worldwide sporting events to show solidarity for their country. Among all other sports, football seems to continuously gain popularity as more and more young people are enticed to play this sport professionally.

Why Football?

Football is a sport wherein players exemplify several qualities that brands prefer to be associated with. Among these qualities are passion, confidence, and the desire to keep getting better. This is apart from the fun, entertainment and adrenaline rush caused by the overall game. Football also unites people, all the more making it a preferred sport.

With its popularity, several companies sponsor major football clubs, mainly to advertise and also for brand awareness. These companies actually come from different industries such as sportswear, auto and car dealerships, insurance, beverages, and fast food chains. Even the gaming industry, particularly online casinos, ventured into sponsorship and it is considered as one of the largest sponsors in football.

Effective Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

Big companies sponsor major football clubs for the chief reason that this is part of their marketing strategy. Sponsoring a major football club aids a company in reaching their target audience on a massive scale. While it is true that no team wins in all their games, sponsoring a known team with skilled and talented players somehow associates the company’s name into a winning choice. This is the reason why big companies all over the world such as Nike, which is a sportswear brand giant, enter sponsorship deals.

Aside from sportswear brand giants like Puma and Adidas, other companies that sponsor major football clubs include airlines namely Etihad Airways and electronics giant such as Samsung. In addition to this, one of the biggest football sponsorship deals by online casinos was signed between SportPesa and Everton, with a five-year sponsorship amounting to 75 million pounds. Hence, it goes without saying that even online betting sites have acknowledged the fact that they can indeed market their brand to millions of fans supporting different teams in football, which is by far the most popular sport in the world.

Additionally, several studies show that sports betting accounts for a great percentage in terms of a worldwide scale in the gambling industry, with football being the most popular sport choice in terms of placing a wager. Thus, for betting companies and online casinos alike, sponsoring on a major football club is the best choice for brand recognition. Sponsoring football clubs also insinuate a respectable gambling company, especially if they are identified with the strong and winning team.

Brand Credibility

Being able to sponsor premiere leagues indicates a company’s credibility. For online betting companies, being able to sponsor a premier league leaves the impression to their gamers that they have the ability to pay out winnings promptly. Apart from building their credibility to the end-users, companies likewise build a good image to the government that encompasses the team because in entering a sponsorship deal, due taxes need to be settled, thus, contributing to the nation’s overall economy.

Aspirational Marketing

These days, consumers are already more intelligent such that it is now more difficult to keep them engaged with only pure traditional advertising. Several surveys show that consumers need to be emotionally attached to a particular brand before showing signs of brand loyalty. Sponsoring a major football club allows companies to align their brands with top players. This can be used to create a more engaging advertising content, which can result in building a strong emotional relationship with the target audience.

The Other End of the Rope

With sponsorships proving to be beneficial for big brand companies, it is deemed that the football clubs, which are on the other end of the rope, reap benefits too. The sponsorships that the major football clubs get from these big companies greatly aid in their running costs, while of course keeping the best players in their team. Continuously being able to attract big companies for sponsorships ensure the competitiveness of the team.

With several people into sports, football, in particular, it is not surprising that many companies are enticed to sponsor different football clubs. In support of an effective marketing strategy, sponsoring a football club builds a positive advertising image for the brand. On the other hand, with ample financial resources, football clubs tend to keep their best players. Hence, sponsoring major football clubs is a win-win situation for both the companies and the club.