What are the factors of Sports Betting's immense popularity?

According to Statista, 15% of UK residents (10.22

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What are the factors of Sports Betting's immense popularity?

According to Statista, 15% of UK residents (10.22 million) are avid sports fans. So, naturally, a large percentage of these fans like betting on their favorite teams.

In the recent past, two decades ago, regular brick and mortar betting venues were for die-hard sports fans and professional gamblers only. Nowadays, the online sports betting industry has made it attractive to all sports fans, even the most superficial. All virtual bookmakers are trying hard to make their products alluring to sports punters in every possible way. For instance, players who like to place ACCA bets can get weekly bonuses on their preferred betting type. Also, players who like watching the live stream of matches on their mobiles can enjoy watching all live games for free on the betting sites.

In addition, online bookmakers are doing great in marketing and PR areas. Currently, 10 of 24 premiere leagues clubs have made sponsorship contracts with betting companies and showing their logos on the front of their shirts. Bookmakers’ sponsorship contracts have also expanded to include individual sports and the nascent virtual sports!

In terms of depth and coverage, sports betting sites offer all the world sports tournaments, even the least popular ones. Hence, sports bettors can access thousands of betting markets daily on their mobile or PC from the comfort of their surroundings. Besides these factors, there are many other reasons behind the stratospheric rise in the popularity of sports betting sites in the UK and worldwide. Do you want to know them? If “yes”, continue reading this article.

An affordable Pastime

You might think that sports betting is a booming multibillion dollar industry because it constantly tempts punters with six figures prizes; But this is not true! Sports betting managed to gain a tremendous fan base because it has always “reassured” bettors that they can deposit small amounts and bet with affordable funds. Thus, betting has become suitable for all budgets; All players can place wagers on their favourite teams and get profits easily. Typically, the minimum deposit limit at most online bookmakers is €10, while the least amount you can bet starts from €1. With that being said, all sports bettors stand a chance to double their profits by getting deposit bonuses, cashback rewards, and other incentives designed to keep them in the game for long. Click here to get more information.

Mobile entertainment

With a quick look at the promotional banners of sports betting sites, you will find the smartphone picture always exists. It’s no surprise, as smartphones have become modern entertainment gadgets. From socializing with friends on social media platforms to watching TikTok’s short videos, mobile phones offer plenty of entertainment options. Online bookmakers have come to terms with this fact. They have been fast to provide their customers with responsive handheld platforms that you can access from any browser.

Besides the browser based platforms, many online bookmakers offer dedicated apps that you can download from the operator’s site, App Store, and Google Play. Just as smartphones have created a new reality for all forms of e-commerce, they have thrown the doors wide open for sports betting sites to thrive, reach new markets, and remain in touch with their customers even when they are away from the PC.

Mobile betting apps contain all functions and features you need to place a wise bet. You can make deposits/ withdrawals, take a look at the stats, watch the live stream, calculate the potential winnings upon betting on a specific market, and many more.

Convenience & Ease of use

Convenience and ease of use, per se, have attracted a large base of newcomers to sports betting who wouldn’t place a bet at regular kiosks before. In addition, sports betting options are available 24/7, and all players can bet anytime and anywhere.

All avid sports fans can bet on their favourite team during waiting times, transportation, and even during work break times. All you need is a smartphone with a stable internet connection only. Then, you will be ready to access all the events in the religion of sports!

In addition, accessibility from any device has enabled sports punters to exploit the changing odds of live matches. For example, when the underdog team scores a goal, punters can place a bet within seconds of a game turn to get higher returns. Also, sometimes the likely markets can drop due to a sudden goal or an unexpected event; thus the savvy bettors can take advantage of the dropping odds.

Variety of Betting options

Online sports betting offers endless betting options for every sports enthusiast. For example, in football alone, you will find more than 10,000 matches that you can bet on weekly. Besides the inclusive coverage of sporting events, online bookmakers also feature a huge selection of betting markets. For instance, you can bet on the match’s result, correct score, double chance, handicaps, and many other options.

Also, eSports are pulling in many fans of sports betting and gaining a huge player base, especially DOTA 2, FIFA, and LOL.

Quick buck

Although this may seem surprising to you, professional sports betting enthusiasts make a substantial monthly income from betting on sports. On top of that, they give training sessions on YouTube and almost daily betting tips on Twitter!

Unlike casino games, winning in sports betting depends on tracking stats and making the right decisions. There are a lot of unique features that sports betting sites offer you to help you place a wise bet. For example, you can rely on live streams, up-to-date stats, early withdrawal, cash out, live betting, and other features.

Online Betting is exciting and challenging!

Besides all the mentioned above factors, the main attraction of sports betting is the fun it offers to all punters! For example, you will feel a rush of Adrenaline dose when your favorite team scores a goal. This dose can be doubled if you bet on that goal!

There is a special pleasure in being right, having your prophecy come true. Also, you can show off your great predictions to your friends by sharing the bet’s results on social media platforms.