Use Your Football Betting Knowledge to Improve Your Win Ratio Elsewhere

If you think you know your stuff when it comes to

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Use Your Football Betting Knowledge to Improve Your Win Ratio Elsewhere

If you think you know your stuff when it comes to football betting, then the chances are your skills could be put to good use elsewhere. Studying form, working out the sort of odds you should be looking for, sniffing out value, and knowing when to cash out are all essential tools for a football bettor. Those who have all of the aforementioned skills down to a fine art might want to consider if they can use them anywhere else. Nowadays you can bet on just about anything, so here's our guide to making use of those transferable betting skills.

Studying Form

Do you always know exactly who is where in the table? Can you reel off the top goal-scorers for every team in the Premier League? Would you be able to recall ball possession stats for the last few games you watched? If so, you're a master of form and you should capitalise on that! Form studying is key in any sports betting and the fact that you already know how to do it for football stands you in good stead for picking it up for just about anything else. Horse racing form is widely regarded as one of the most confusing to study, thanks to the huge number of variables. Field sizes, ground conditions, jockey weight, type of fence, handedness of the course, the list goes on. Fortunately, the Tote have provided a comprehensive guide on exactly how to read the form guide. If you've got a head for details and don't struggle at all to remember the numbers then perhaps your next foray could be into horse racing.

Card Games and Odds

Whatever sport you're betting on, knowing how to work out odds is essential. However, card games in particular can really be won or lost on this knowledge. Learning how to calculate poker odds could stand you in far better stead that your opponents and it is remarkably similar to working out betting odds in football. Whilst you can bet on the outcomes of professional poker tournaments, that's not exactly the kind of odds we're talking about here. Odds in card games are worked out by the chances of a certain card appearing next. If you're working with a standard 52 card deck for example, then you've a 1 in 52 chance of drawing the King of Diamonds, but a 1 in 13 chance of drawing a diamond of any variety. Being able to work out odds quickly can better inform players of the move they are about to make, whether that's in a game of poker, blackjack, or even snap!

Finding the Value

Any good football betting guide will tell you that half of the battle of being a successful bettor is finding good value. The key to this is before even looking, deciding in your head on the odds that you'd accept for the bet you want to place. If you think that Manchester United are a 3-1 shot to win their next game, then look for odds that are 3-1 or better. Don't be tempted by odds that seem artificially high without doing your research first, there's generally a good reason. Finally, be prepared to shop around. We all have our favourite betting sites to use, but many sites offer deals to new sign-ups, so you really could stretch your betting wallet further.