Top 7 Football Betting Strategies

A betting system follows a well-defined structure,

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Top 7 Football Betting Strategies

A betting system follows a well-defined structure, aiming to drastically reduce the house edge or eradicate it, putting the game in the players’ favour. Several betting strategies guarantee players’ profits when used properly.

No matter what system to choose, it would require some analysis, and mathematics plays a major role. Online gameplay has made this even more accessible, and mathematical betting strategies help you meet the goal; of consistent winning rather than a fine payday.

Delve into these betting tips, follow consistent rules and develop a successful winning approach to get consistent payouts.

Arbitrage Betting

This is one of the more popular football betting methods because it is easy, less risky, and guarantees frequent wins. It focuses on exploiting the odd variations across various bookies. Since each bookie bases the stakes for events on their statistical approaches, they are often incorrect. You need to find these incorrect odds and bet on them, thereby earning a guaranteed win.

Many websites provide crawling services to find bookmakers who set overpriced stakes. Use them to make stable bets and cover the other outcome on sharp odds. If you are risk-averse and want to make a decent profit betting on football, this is the best sports betting strategy.

Value Betting

This is one of the most influential mathematical betting strategies, situated on the arbitrage strategy. It follows the idea of finding the wrong odds that bookies mistakenly place on football matches. When you discover one where the odds offered are higher than the actual winning probability, put a wager on them. To outsmart the bookies, your goal is to stake on odds where the true winning probability is lower than the given odds, giving you an upper hand.

You need to make simple mathematical calculations for this strategy to work. You must multiply the given odds by the percentage probability and divide the total by 100. A resulting value higher than 1.00 shows an increase in value, which translates to possibly higher returns.

This strategy is subjective as your instinct on the probability might be incorrect, so you need to have the experience to pull this off successfully.

Matched Betting

A common way for online gaming sites to draw in new players is to offer promotions that interest them enough to create an account.

Join an online gambling casino and get a welcome bonus from the bookie that matches your initial deposit up to a set percentage. Opt for a legal online casino Canada that offers great bonuses and fair wagering requirements. You can place one or more wagers using this bonus without risking your real money. You can get a big payout with these bonuses by employing winning football strategies.

This strategy focuses on risk management, ensuring the player still has some funds even if they get a loss. Back your stakes with the bonuses, so you can get a payout irrespective of the result.

Stake with a certain percentage of your funds and increase your wager value by the same percentage after each win. If you deposit C$1,000 and set your stake percentage to 10%, you must add your wins to the initial funds. For instance, if you win C$200, you now have a new total of C$1200, and your next state should be 10% to give C$120.

The resulting C$100 to C$1,000 and place 15% of the new total, which would now amount to C$120.

Proportional Betting Strategy

This strategy requires a sturdy bankroll, a strict staking approach, and great bouts of discipline as it takes a lot of patience to grow slowly. The idea is for you to set a stake that is proportional to your bankroll, thereby protecting your bankroll and reducing your losses.

Your stake would be set to a small percentage, between 1% to 5% of your funds. Your bankroll would change slightly with every win or loss, changing your stake, meaning you make a bigger gain with every payout and a reduced loss when you don’t.

You should never go out of funds with this method, but initially, your growth would be slow.

Lay Betting

This is a proven football betting system. You are simply setting a wager that something won’t happen, rather than the traditional approach of saying something would happen. The strategy minimizes risk in real-time and improves value by delivering the best returns.

There are two ways to use this strategy;

Betting against correct scores. We all know that predicting exact scores is difficult, so what if you lay a bet saying “that score isn’t correct”? Since there are more possibilities of an incorrect score, you can even place several lay bets at a time. If one of your lay bets ends up being correct, you lose!

The second approach targets specific in-play games. Targeting favourites and laying bets against them improves your initially terrible odds if the underdog takes the lead. The market then becomes handicapped, and you can now lay a bet against the underdog to aim that the stronger favourite has a comeback.

Based on Football Statistics Database

Bookmakers generate game odds using historical databases and other trends and data available. They cannot follow or react to all data available, especially the more recent ones. Using this strategy, your facts about matches and players have to be more accurate to win. You can choose to follow live matches and take action faster than the bookies.

Analyze the existing database about previous football matches, taking note of the consistently recurring information. These betting secrets can help you take advantage of the bookmaker. This strategy would aid your decision-making and give you frequent wins if done accurately.

As you require in-depth knowledge of statistical data analysis and experience, it is ideal to use a service provider. You can use a reputable football statistics and prediction site to perform accurate analysis. You don’t need to break the bank for this as there are several affordable ones. Combine it with another proven strategy like proportional betting to make the most of this football strategy.

Kelly Criterion

This is a successful mathematical strategy based on placing wagers based on your actual bankroll. It is effective because it protects you when you are on a long losing streak and increases your winning when making consistent profit.

For instance, if you always make 4% of your balance wagers, your stakes would gradually reduce the more losses you get and progressively increase the more you win. This would undoubtedly favour you in the long run. It is a good strategy to employ in online sports betting, and it doesn’t require any expertise. This financial strategy is more concerned with bankroll management, and it uses probability to build consistent gains.

You need to make three mathematical calculations using the odds and probability you need to calculate to apply it. Here’s an example to give you a clearer view. For this example, assume the odds for Preston to win at home against Watford is 2.40. We would also assume a probability of 45% and a bankroll of £1000.

  • First, calculate (probability in decimals * odds) -1. (0.45 × 2.40) – 1 = 0.08. If the result is negative, do not place a bet
  • Next, calculate the stake percentage. Calculation 1 result / (odds – 1). 0.08 / (2.40 – 1) = 0.0571
  • Finally, calculate your stake. Bankroll × calculation 2 result. £1000 × 0.0571 = £57.1


Football betting is difficult and risky, but it can be profitable if you employ the right methods. You don’t even need to be an expert; some football knowledge and an idea of market handicapping would go a long way.

To succeed, bettors need to learn the basics of bankroll and risk management and their essential roles. Learn the effective systems discussed on this page and use those you can relate to. Just remember to get your emotions out of these mathematical approaches and decide to use numbers.