Thrilled Terry: “This is what we play football for”

Thrilled Terry: “This is what we play football for

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Thrilled Terry: “This is what we play football for”

Chelsea captain John Terry has expressed his delight with Chelsea’s FA Cup title achievement, after a 2-1 victory over Liverpool.

“Fantastic. This is what we live for, what we play football for,” Terry told ITV Channel after the match.

“At times people have slated us a little bit, [saying] 'we're too old, we're past it, we're not together as a team,' but I said yesterday: When the chips are down, we come together, we unite when our backs are against the wall, so we did that and we've done that superbly [over] the last 16 or 17 games.”

When asked if the FA Cup title will grant Roberto Di Matteo a permanent job as Chelsea manager, the England international reminded that the Stamford Bridge trophy still have the Champions League final to play.

“We’ve still got one more massive trophy and that's the Champions League final,” the blues captain added.

“That's what our targets have been since the day the owner came in. After that it's down to the board to make their decision.”

“We've done Robbie a world of good today, he's been fantastic. We put in a great performance today and it can do him no harm.”