The stand out transfers of the January window

The January transfer window for football has offic

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The stand out transfers of the January window

The January transfer window for football has officially opened, leaving fans both excited and nervous and they watch to see how this year turns out. During this time, all 20 Premier League teams have the opportunity to work with their squad heads around the second half of the season. The transfer window opened bright and early on the 1st of January and is set to close at midnight on the 1st of February.

Rules have it that each team will only be able to register 25 senior players at the end of the transfer window. During this time, teams will buy and sell players to ensure they have the best line up possible and the best chances for the season ahead.

Below, we’ll take a look at what is happening over the 2024 transfer window and who the standout transfers are.

Jadon Sancho

Sancho currently plays for Manchester United, however they have recently seemed rather keen to get rid of him. Sancho was banned from the first-team squad after he had a public falling out with his manager, Erik ten Hag in September of 2024. Since then, his reputation has been bad for team publicity, in which he was also swiftly kicked out from Old Trafford too.

Sancho previously played for Borussia Dortmund, who are now considering loaning him back, and there is also interest from the Saudi Pro league too. The 23 year old winger may be a controversy, however there is no doubting that he is one talented football player, in which he arrived as a £73 million transfer originally from the Dortmund team in 2021.

Sancho is currently used to £300,000 a week in wages, meaning any loan to another team will be costly. There are talks that subsidising his salary is the only option at this point.

Conor Gallagher

Connor Gallafher currently plays as a midfielder for Chelsea, however there are talks of the team selling him have become big news during this current transfer window. Gallagher is known as a hard working, determined and talented midfielder who has many fans. As an academy graduate, he is well liked in the local area and was himself a Chelsea fan growing up.

Furthermore, it is his history with the club that makes Gallagher such a loyal player, which is why it comes as big news that Chelsea are considering selling him this transfer season. However, it is not about performance or personal relationships, this move is simply about balancing out the bank books after a season of overspending. While it will come as a big loss to the team, it is one of the most financially wise decisions for the club and will get their financial future back on track swiftly.

There have been rumours that Tottenham are keen to take him on, as well as an English domestic deal in Italy.

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Raphael Varane

Raphael Varane is currently a player for Manchester United, however the team has decided not to extend his contract by the one-year option that currently expires in June. The French defender will most likely be moving this summer to a non-premier league team after a deal is secured this month.

However, if fate turns the other way then United could attempt to gain much needed funds by swapping him with another Premier League team this month. While United have a number of injured defenders this month, including Harry Maguire, Lisandro Martínez and Victor Lindelöf, they are all set to return to the filed this month.

This means that manager Erik Ten Hag has even more reason to see Varane be transferred sooner. Rumour has it, there is some interest from the Real Madrid team, in addition to the Saudi Pro League too.

At the ripe age of 30, Varane currently has a high injury record and high wages too, which another team would need to match. These high wages and unjust record have pushed United over the edge and have prompted the desire to move him on rather than offer him a new deal.

Overall, it is set to be a very interesting transfer season with many things going on. While it can be frustrating for fans to see the back and forth as teams make their final decisions, rest assured there are only a few weeks left in the transfer window before the fate of the upcoming season is sealed.