The Most Beloved Football Clubs In Italy For Betting

The Italian Serie A was founded in 1898. From then

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The Most Beloved Football Clubs In Italy For Betting

The Italian Serie A was founded in 1898. From then till now, the league has grown to be one of the oldest all over the world and continues to be one of the most credible. The league enjoyed its highest level of prominence in the 1980s and ‘90s when UEFA rankings placed it as the best national league in Europe.

Football in Italy was initially played in regions before it was integrated in the 1929 season into a sole 18-team tier. That top tier was named Serie A, and in no time, the league expanded into one containing as many as 21 clubs in 1947 before going back to the initial 18-team format in 1952. Finally, in 2004, the league added up to what is now the present 20-team format.

The matches played in Serie A follows a symmetric pattern, where each team plays a total of 19 games, playing every other team in the league. These first 19 games are called the ANDATA. The teams again repeat the same gameplay pattern for another 19-game streak called the RITORNO. At the end of it all, each team plays a total of 38 matches, facing every other team both on their home ground and away.

So far, the number of talent that has featured in Serie A all through the years is stunning. France’s award for the best soccer player in the world, every year, the Ballon d’Or, has gone to more players from the Serie A than any other league in the world.

Even though there is no explicit regard for Serie A as one of the best leagues in the world today, the league still ranks as a promising hunting ground for the best wins in sports betting at NonAAMS foreign bookmakers. Certain clubs in the league have dominated over the last decades and as such confirmed their place as the most beloved clubs in Italy for bettors to consider. Dive in to find out!

FC Juventus

Similar to what we witness year after year in the Bundesliga, where the same football club continues to dominate others in the league. Juventus holds the best odds of becoming the winners of the 2021 Serie A season.

This team finished winners of the league, thirty-six times in the last few decades even though they were not awarded the title once due to a scandal. In the last few years, Juventus has retained the title for nine straight seasons. The team parades an outstanding squad, and with Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala, the team is more likely to be winners of the present Serie A season.

Juventus holds up the strongest odds to clinch the Serie A title this season again. Hence, we strongly recommend this team as first on our list of favourite teams for you to bet on.

AC Milan

Associazione Calcio Milan, generally referred to as Milan, has been on the list of the top football clubs to grace the Italian football stage since its inception.

The club holds eighteen Serie A titles, with their last triumph coming in the 2010/2011 season. In the last few years, AC Milan hasn’t demonstrated their potent prowess in the league, they even ended the last season in sixth place, and will only feature in the Europa League's second qualifying round this season.

But with their present form in the current league season, this team looks well on course for another stellar performance this season. The AC Milan partners are proving the reliability of the club. Watch out for exploits from this team and we hope you will catch out as much as you should as well.

FC Inter Milan

Internazionale is a time-honoured Italian football team, famous for being the only team in the history of the nation’s club football to have never been relegated to a lower division. Between the 2005/2006 and 2009/2010 season, this team won five uninterrupted Serie A titles, and in all, they have a total of eighteen titles in their trophy cabinet.

During the last Serie A season (the 2019/2020 season), they finished runner-up by just a lone point difference to the winners, Juventus. The football club is one of the biggest in Italian football, and they hold the likelihood to win the 2021 Serie A following their present form. We can merely hold on to see how well and how long this form will last.

FC Napoli

Napoli is an extraordinary illustration of an underdog. They have only won two Serie A lea titles in the history of the nation’s football, but in the last few years, they have a ton of third and second-place finishes with the growing. They have demonstrated that they can achieve great feats against all odds and the giants in Italian football, so they might be doing such exploits in some of their games soon. Watch out!

FC Roma

Roma has in their cabinet three Serie A titles, plus, the team holds many potentials, and sometimes underdogs can pull a surprise to our amazement and amusement. Roma satisfies the quality of an underdog in Serie A. The team might not have many trophies to parade, but with the ton of passion, team spirit and motivation, they possess, they are a team to watch out for