The Favorite Casino Games of Football Players

Do you love football? Did you know that athletic s

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The Favorite Casino Games of Football Players

Do you love football? Did you know that athletic stars from your beloved team have played casino games? Yes, some of them enjoy gambling no less than they adore sports. They can even compete on the professional level and reach the top of the leaderboards. Particular celebrities in that area even have their feats written into entertainment history.

A casino often caters to footballers' needs with great welcome bonuses, sportsbooks, and live risk action. It all combines into a valuable goal that they pursue to get the excitement. The experts from the AUcasimile website prepared information about why football players like to gamble and will tell you more about the best casino games of their liking.

Why Do Football Players Like Gambling?

It is hard to get a conclusive answer to this topic due to various factors. Each person has their own preference for why they like to spend time at a casino. Most soccer players like to play there because they can exercise their competitive nature while having fun and staying stress-free. This is one of the reasons why there are many EPL football clubs sponsored by casinos, where they get extra support for their work. With such motivation, some of them have acquired life-changing sums. It granted them a chance to retire in haste and to supply their own businesses.

Gambling has been cited by many soccer players as an effective way of relieving tension and anxiety during and after their careers. It can get daunting while training and competing almost every day. Each footballer seeks to solve this issue in his own manner. A common solution for them is to balance out high-pressure work by playing different gambling games.


Poker is a game where participants bet on the value of their own cards as well as on those that will be revealed by other opponents. It's one of the favorites of the famous football player Gerard Pique. He has achieved several jackpots and even peaked at tournaments like Pokerstars Championship. Gerard often compares playing poker to soccer. In both cases, you can utilize football betting strategies since they have similar ideas. This card game may be the most popular among sports stars.

Sports Betting

In addition, Gerard Pique is also a big fan of sports betting. Once, after Barca's win over Atletico Madrid, Pique noticed a remarkable trend for 2-2 draws in Serie A. He tweeted about it, stating that if the last two games of the day ended with the same result he'd buy a Barcelona shirt for everyone who retweeted him. Gerard Pique could have lost €10million after making this massive bet with fans. If you are also a gambler, find sports betting sites list to help you get top results. This type of entertainment teaches analyzing people. Plus, it's fun to play with friends.


Slot machines are well known for the chance of scoring high stakes. It brings the same thrill as ending an intense soccer match. Ronaldo participated in many entertainment competitions and showed some action in online casino slots. He enjoyed doing it mainly during long travels around the world. Thanks to his self-control, Cristiano was quite efficient at playing coin machines. But still, you have to keep in mind that your outcome is based on luck at best.


Popular in TV shows and movies, this luxury activity is also a favorite of football stars. Italian idol Mario Ballotelli won over 25000 dollars at the roulette table. Footballers are constantly looking for high payout casinos in the reviews to have these comparable results. Mario knew of this and combined with luck and a clever mind, he became one of the most excellent players. The story says that he also tipped the staff and gave some money to a homeless person. A kind heart supported him in every victory.


Last on our list is a former professional winger, David Bentley. He was known for being a masterful casino player in card games such as poker and baccarat. The latter requires following a set of rules before starting a round. The "banker" has some slight advantage in the game, so you have to be well aware of the strategy. David's proficiency made his riches grow, but with some problems that he successfully overcame later.


Over the past few years, casino gaming has shown tremendous growth. Thanks to technology, it continues to improve even today. Football players love these leisure activities for this reason. Many other people also give it a try after seeing how their idols reach their success. Not to mention that everyone can do it both live at a casino or on the Internet.

But, it's important to remember that you have to learn the rules if you are ever going to have some casino action. With big rewards comes a big risk. Keep track of evolving strategies. This will ensure that you get the most