The American Sports: Worth Another Look?

We love football, sure, but it’s not as if it’s th

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The American Sports: Worth Another Look?

We love football, sure, but it’s not as if it’s the only sport in the world. And even if football is your favourite sport to watch, it’s worthwhile looking at what else is out there. There’s no shortage of options! In Europe, people tend to watch sports such as golf, cycling, rugby, cricket, and tennis. All of them are worth your time.

But if you’re looking to try something different, then take a look at the world superpower, the United States. As is their style, they tend to do things a little differently. While the rest of the world is happy to play football, they focus on their own sports (though interest in football is on the rise, it must be said).

In this blog, we’re going to take another look at American sports. Who knows, by the end of the article, you might just decide to stay up late and tune into the action next weekend.

American Football

Of all the American sports, it’s American football that most resembles our version of football. There are plenty of differences, of course, but similarities abound. Both involve a ball, feature two teams of eleven, and heavily rely on tactics and creative players. Once you get the basics of the game down, you’ll find there’s plenty to enjoy. Before watching, read up on the rules and look up some NFL picks so you know which teams are expected to win/lose. It’s one of those sports that seems absurd from the outside but deeply addictive once you know what’s going on.

And once you’ve been bitten by the American football bug, you’ll find that a whole world of opportunity opens up to you. Did you know that a regular-season NFL game is held at Wembley Stadium each year, for instance? European interest in the NFL is similar to the growing American interest in football. You could also head to the States and see a game on its home turf. At the very least, you’ll be able to experience the excitement of the Super Bowl to the fullest, as opposed to only tuning in for the half-time show.


Basketball is the most popular “American sport” in Europe. In fact, some countries, such as Spain, are pretty good at it, though nowhere near the level of the USA. That’s why the US always seems to win the Olympic gold medal for basketball. In Europe, basketball is a peripheral sport. In the States, it’s a way of life.

The sport certainly has a lot going for it. The NBA is one of the most riveting sports leagues in the world and currently features some of the best players ever to play the game. If there’s a criticism of basketball, it’s that when you get to the top level, it tends to just be both teams scoring points back to back. And there’s rarely an upset; teams with the best players always win. However, it’s still a sport that features outstanding athleticism and skill, and if you’re a sports fan, that’ll always appeal.


If you like cricket, then you may enjoy baseball. However, it depends on the reasons why you like cricket. If you like the civility of the sport, then baseball may not be right for you -- it’s the rough and ready version of the sport. However, if you like big hits and the idea of spending hours lazily watching a relatively slow-paced sport, then it might just tick all the boxes.

There’s a lot to love about taking a trip to the States and spending an afternoon at one of the country’s most famous stadiums, such as Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, or Wrigley Field.

The Verdict

So what’s the verdict? They all have their merits. Football fans will probably find American football the most enjoyable sport to watch, but baseball and basketball have things going for them, too. The best approach is simply to tune into the action (you can view most games from Europe) and see which one you like the most!