Sports Betting Cancellations due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the outbreak of contagious Coronavirus from W

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Sports Betting Cancellations due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the outbreak of contagious Coronavirus from Wuhan, China the epidemic rushed as COVID 19 throughout the world affecting a massive population and transmitting from person to person at a drastically rapid rate. As per the reports, mortality and morbidity have been showing a peak in the curve by infecting the vast majority of people who come in contact with the virus.

The Chinese authorities have managed to understand the course of this malicious virus, thereby advocating the proper hygienic measures, social distancing and quarantine for a certain period of time. Although the pandemic seems unstoppable and has conquered other countries like Italy, Spain, U.S, India, Iceland, Iran and more, the world together needs to step ahead and understand the importance of self-isolation if necessary.

The WHO recommended regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs, and avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of flu such as coughing and sneezing. In an attempt to prevent this stampede, some restrictions such as staying indoor, working from home, no gatherings and postponed big events are strictly implemented by the government and Centre for Disease Control (CDC). The COVID- 2019 is imposing a significant disruption globally on the economy, health care education and sports since world war II. Sports betting cancellations due to the Coronavirus outbreak might be another setback of the year for Gambling companies.

Many renowned sports events that were announced to be held in this year worldwide have either been canceled or postponed. The 2020 Arctic Winter Games were canceled, the 2020 ASEAN Para Games were postponed. In the Philippines, the NCAA Season 95 and UAAP Season 82 were both suspended for an uncertain time. 2020 Summer Olympics, one of the biggest events to be scheduled in July in Tokyo, is another prime matter of concern. Few I- League matches was postponed and the Indian Super League final was held behind the doors.

No events mean no sports fixtures thus limiting the gambling groups and high street betting shops and bearing the loss of revenue. Such companies have started promoting and bringing their customers to play online casino games instead, you can read more here. The famous sports suspensions are DUBLIN- the owner of gambling brands Paddy Power, Betfair, Ladbrokes, and William Hill estimated to face approximately 90- 110 million pounds impact on yearly income if the situation continues to worsen till August.

Popular sports that have been shut due to the infectious virus include elite soccer competitions such as the English Premier League, Spain’s la Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and the Champions League, as well as golf’s first major of the year, the Masters, all major events for bookmakers. As per the analysts warning on delayed sports betting and Dan Waugh from specialist gambling research firm Regulus Partners, a fundamental drop in the industry can be anticipated. The government owns a huge part of gambling production and if due to loans, it may not return this industry to the way it was before.

Unlike situations like this, traditional casino games can be replaced with TVBET games which allow the same betting options and have been known to show 19% bets increase since sports cancellations. Now the time demands a shift to better alternatives rather than stressing over the loss that is inevitable. Let's hope and pray that the world is able to revive back to the normal soon.