Ranking the five teams likely to win the UEFA Champions League

The biggest prize in Europe, the UEFA Champions Le

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Ranking the five teams likely to win the UEFA Champions League

The biggest prize in Europe, the UEFA Champions League, will be in the focus of many football fanatics this September as the top-flight teams look to bring their best to the fore. Contested by Europe’s top football teams, the Champions League is considered the ultimate prize in European football. With the group stage matches already decided, many football fans have already started envisaging their favorites to advance ahead and bolster their spots in the competition. Last season, Liverpool took the competition by storm and will be defending their title.

With 121 matches to be played in the championship, there is an increase in betting opportunities that will include the top finishers in the top leagues, and not just the Champions. Predict the final winner or match outcomes in the UEFA Champions league with a look Mobilbet betting odds. With live betting, you will be able to place your bets live in-running whilst watching the battle of Europe’s most coveted football championship. Although it is still too early to predict who will grace the Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, the following five teams will enter the competition as potential winners of the tournament.

1. Bayern Munich F. C.

Bayern Munich are the top contenders who are a threat to the defending champions of the title. With new arrivals from Coutinho and Ivan Perisic, the team looks determined than ever to get their hands on Europe’s most coveted prize. If past experience is anything to take into account, then the Bavarian’s previous records are enough tip as the favorites to land the cup this season. With their counter attacking style creatively blended with their experience in the competition, they pose a decisive problem to the opposition.

2. Juventus F. C.

Another team vowing to cause havoc in this season’s champion’s league are the Italian giants, Juventus. After being eliminated in the quarterfinals last season, the side have added some top flight players including Ramsey Aaron, Matthijs De Ligt to their rosters.

This season will see Juventus share the spotlight in the group stages with an equally competitive set of teams in Atletico Madrid. With a solid defense and an equally promising quality in the middle and the front of the park, Sarri’s unfiltered style could catapult Juventus to the top of European football.

3. F. C. Barcelona

Despite their failures in the last two seasons of the UEFA Championship, Barcelona will enter the group stage with an unrelenting drive to win. With the global superstar Lionel Messi leading the team and a speculation of Neymar possibly joining the squad, the Catalans are being considered as serious contenders this season. Although the initial stages of the competition will test Barca’s mettle, the team has enough experience and prowess to get over the line to become the Kings of European football.

4. Liverpool F. C.

After 15 years, Liverpool will be entering the competitions as the defending champions of Europe. The 2019/20 UEFA Super Cup have enough drive to go all the way again and add the silverware to their trophy cabinet for the second victory in arrow. Although the Reds will face tough competitions from Napoli in group E, their unrelenting resilience could prove indispensable for the team. Klopp’s experimental supervision has seen the Reds outshine the Catalan’s, bolstering their chance to successfully defend Europe’s iconic trophy in Istanbul.

5. Manchester City F.C.

While you may have your doubts about Manchester City being a top contender for the UEFA cup, there is no denying that they are the absolute favorite heading into the tournament. Their dominance on domestic soil endorses them as a best fit to grab the silverware this season. The return of Kevin De Bruyne to the squad adds their prowess to move upfront. With significant additions of Rodri and Cancelo coupled with Guardiola’s calculative apparition, the squad will propel the team to the top heap of Europe’s biggest competition.