Popularity of eSports Betting

eSports has certainly seen an exponential rise in

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Popularity of eSports Betting

eSports has certainly seen an exponential rise in recent years, especially that its popularity and growth equated to a significant impact in terms of the competitive odds, entertaining game genres, and the huge amount of prizes being offered to the players. In fact, anyone who loves sports, as well as betting, is not a stranger in the eSports industry.

Aside from the betting action, the fixed odds, several different sports genres, and favorite players, players are kept interested because of the fresh new games that lure bet lovers every day. In this post, we will be talking about the popularity of eSports betting, along with everything that you need to know it. Now, let’s get on with the discussions.

What is eSports Betting?

eSports, which is short for electronic sports, is a type of an online computer video game played among a team of players or an individual, against a team or other individuals. These games are generally conducted via the local area network. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise you at all, as eSports have been very popular since the release of the very first video game console. According to research, the eSports industry has been estimated to be worth around USD 900 million.

eSports betting and gambling, on the other hand, in itself, is a huge business, due to the fact that eSports is seriously competitive, aside from being highly addictive. eSports betting surely involves money and you may get involved with a combination of casual, amateur, and professional eSports betters.

Why is eSports Betting Gaining Popularity?

• Fun-filled sports

The main reason why eSports betting is very popular right now is because of the games eSports players can bet on. Whether you consider yourself an amateur, a casual better, or a veteran, you surely would have a great time engaging in eSports betting.

• A wide selection of eSports games

Every week, you get access to more than 2,000 sports matches including rugby, boxing, golf, tennis, badminton, football, and basketball, among others. In addition, you also could place live bets for tournaments occurring internationally.

• Comfortable play

eSports betting has proven to be very easy and convenient for players, as websites only ask you to register once. Upon sign-up, you get access to a wide array of sports categories, along with a reliable credit transfer system. You can also utilize impressive promos and bonuses, which might help you to win more real money.

• Well-integrated setup

Probably another reason why eSports betting is very popular right now is because of its streamline process, in which it offers you live games and events that provide you with the true feeling and experience of watching a live sports match.

What Are the Different Types of eSports Betting?

• Real money betting

Real money betting is probably the closest type of eSports betting to traditional betting. It works the same way as when you’re betting on boxing matches, football games, as well as golf tournaments. In this type of betting, you place wagers at the agreed upon odds and you get to be paid out if the selections are correct. You can also bet on different outcomes, such as the winners of individual matches and overall tournament winners. According to independent tests conducted in 2018, there is a large percentage of people who believe that eSports wagering will eventually catch up to traditional ones in the span of two years.

• Skin betting

Also referred to as item betting, skin betting is among the most popular types of eSports betting. With the growth of modern video games that feature virtual currencies, this type of eSports betting is often sought after by committed gamers. With this, there exist several trade and auction websites where you can sell, buy, and swap items.

There are also eSports betting websites that allow its players to use currencies and items to bet with. These can be used to bet on the result of eSports contests, as an alternative to real money. In addition, you can also use it to other forms of gambling, as well.

• Social betting

Social eSports betting is another popular type of betting, in which online contacts and friends can place wagers on the outcome among themselves. While the wagers can be used for real money, these are generally for skins and other items. Lastly, this is a type of eSports betting wherein the terms and conditions are agreed on and settled between the parties.

• Fantasy betting

This may not be considered a type of eSports betting, as it’s the usual fantasy sports in place of traditional sports kind of betting. However, you may need to build your roster from the eSports players instead.

• Challenge betting

Challenge betting, also known as head-to-head betting, is where eSports gamers compete for real money, skins, or other items. In this type of betting, the gamers organize and settle the wagers between themselves. You also have the freedom to use websites that will do the job for you. however, you and the other parties might need to pay entry fees to be able to enter the contest.

Tips on eSports Betting

eSports betting isn’t complicated at all. It actually is very simple, which is why online gamblers like it so much. A lot of people are getting involved with it because of its fun nature while some see it as a way to make money. This fact holds true, as eSports betting can be profitable. With this, here are some of the tips for eSports betting:

• To be successful in eSports betting, you must get acquainted with the risks involved. It is vital that you’re prepared to accept these risks before you start.

• You also need to use reputable betting websites, which will ensure that you get high-quality experience in eSports betting.

• In addition, you need to set an objective, which should be realistically achievable and is not centered on being a financial one.

• Lastly, you need to set a strict budget and gamble responsibly.


People nowadays are turning away from traditional sports betting to turn their favor to eSports betting. This is not at all surprising, considering the technological advances that have faced our generation in the last decade. With the popularity of eSports betting, you surely would experience a great time, as long as you know the basics, which we hope we have provided you in this article.