Most Common and Dangerous Injury in Football

If you're familiar with the sport of football, eit

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Most Common and Dangerous Injury in Football

If you're familiar with the sport of football, either as a player or just as a fan, then you'll know that there are a few football injuries that can potentially end a player’s career in an instant. Tearing your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is perhaps one of the worst injuries a player can face, especially if it's improperly treated or improperly taken care of.

Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About ACL Injuries:

It Won’t Heal Without Surgery

When you face any injury to your ACL, it's usually recommended to go through surgery in order to recover without raising any risks of developing any permanent injuries along the way. Sometimes the injury faced completely tears the ligament, preventing it from healing until the knee undergoes surgical treatment.

It Can Lead To Other Serious Injuries

There are several risks a person is exposed to whenever they tear their ACL. One of those risks is to develop other injuries during the recovery time of the knee. Some of those injuries are osteoarthritis, which can permanently affect your knee, making it perpetually weaker.

You Can Be Classified As Disabled When Injured

When faced with injuries as serious as tearing your ACL result in the injured person to be labeled temporary disabled. This helps the athletes to claim several benefits that help them combat the high costs of surgery and some daily struggles. The condition of these injured athletes is reviewed by Social Security Disability Lawyers, who evaluate the status of the injury and approve of disability claims for a set amount of time that’s fit for the extent of the injury. This is extremely important to know for anyone who faces a serious injury like ACL tears as certain laws can help them with dealing with their disability.

Exercise is Necessary To Heal & Prevent Further Injuries

Leaving your knee to heal without providing it with any exercise can cause the lack of strain to prohibit improvement, so the knee must be exercised several times a week, in light doses, to help it strengthen slowly over time. Redeveloping the muscle strength after a period of staying dormant is crucial for the injury to heal. Developing a weekly schedule for exercise is recommended by most physical therapists.

Preventing it Isn’t Difficult

You can take several different precautions that can help you avoid facing this horrible injury by warming up thoroughly before participating in sports that have a high level of contact involved. Exercising regularly is also extremely helpful as a stronger knee can help withstand a higher level of strain. Wearing protective gear can also save you from such serious injuries as wearing kneepads can absorb most of the contact in any blow encountered.

It's important to know what you can do when you're faced with any ACL related injuries. Football is a very contact-heavy sport, and being unaware of the precautions you need to take to avoid injury can make your life extremely difficult, especially if you don’t know that you earn certain rights as a temporarily disabled individual.