Let’s Talk the Euro 2021, the odds and winning predictions

If there is a sport that is widely celebrated glob

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Let’s Talk the Euro 2021, the odds and winning predictions

If there is a sport that is widely celebrated globally, it has to be football. Since football was halted and commenced, everyone has their eyes and bets set on the Euro 2021 championship. The prediction, the odds, who will score the most goals etc. This is what everyone expects from the new league, and everyone cannot wait to place their respective bets. Due to the fact that the league for 2020 was rescheduled as per country and world restrictions imposed by Covid-19, it was agreed that the league will still be entitled Euro 2020 as opposed to 2021.

Whilst new betting sites are already planning odds and predictions, unlike the previous years, and to safeguard everyone’s health, the league will be held in only one country, as opposed to the traditional hosting in 12 countries across Europe. Ready to hear some predictions from yours truly?

We are all accustomed to the 4 year engagement where we cancel all our Summer engagements and sit in front of the telly watching the World Cup. If there is one tournament that is loved and cherished as much as the World Cup is, it has to be the Euro Football championship. The tournament is about uniting all the very best of European teams, the ones that have excelled in their respective country leagues, and offer them a possibility of squaring off with the rest of the best in Europe. And the one team that reigns victorious amongst all, will be crowned the Football King of all Europe. Unfortunately, we were not graced with the tournament in 2020, this is all due to the world being placed on standstill as a world pandemic engulfed us. Having said that the Euro Championship has been pushed back to 2021 and you should still expect the usual football pillars to take part in the tournament, some of which include England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and many many more.

If we breakdown the composition of the Euro Football championship, good to know that there are 24 teams taking part in the tournament, and they are obviously from all around Europe. The competition is held in rounds, with knockouts all along the way. Each group will host 4 teams, and only 2 of these said football teams will be allowed to move on. So if you are heading to a new betting site to place your bets, make sure that you bet on the team that you feel will progress and make it through. As for the football teams, it is not just a walk in the park, and every match is important, thus every match would need to be a win. Only this way will teams clash in what we fans call the clash of titans. This is when we all should head over to new betting sites and bet. Adrenalin pumping and hoping your team will win, this is the beauty of betting on the Euro 2020.

In case you are wondering when the new Euro 2020 will be happening, it is scheduled for summer 2021. And today we would like to give you some betting tips, odds and predictions. And make sure you refer to this article when you visit new betting sites to place your bets.

Here are the top bookies to visit, and place your bets at:

Betfair - A pillar is sports betting and known to grant you bonuses and offers along the way.

BetVictor - BetVictor is already full of offers when it comes to betting on Euro 2020, and they promise more to come in the months leading up to the tournament.

Paddy Power - How about 10 GBP risk - free wager to kick off your Euro 2021 betting? This is what you get when registering at this new betting site. Apart from this, the site is worth a visit if international football is your thing.

Unibet - Unibet is not a fancy site, but is a front runner when it comes to betting, especially on football. With over 31 thousand markets of football available on the site. If you are a football fan, this site is for you. New customers also get a 40 GBP free bet to enjoy.

Lanbrokes - Another exceptional sports site, that is popular with sports betting fans. Very popular with English football fans.

William Hill - William Hill has been popular for both casinos and also sports throughout the years. If you have placed a bet or two on your favourite sport on William Hill, you know how good the site is for its odds and offers.

Betfred - A site that has been around for many many years and has gained momentum and also popularity with many punters looking to place a bet on their favourite teams.

Coral - Coral is not as popular as betting sites such as William Hill, Bet365 and the rest, however it has been gaining momentum, and worth a visit, and a bet or two.

Betway - Betway offers new customers a good and hearty 30 GBP free bets that you can use on both football and other sports available on the site. The Betway Boost is also another feature that is available to help you land wins.

We appreciate that there is a very long way when it comes to the new football Euro Tournament. However, the good news is that the above mentioned bookies have already placed some odds on their sites about the Euro 2021, and we have also listed some offers related to the respective sites. Like we said, if the above are new betting sites for you, they are worth a visit or two.

Which team is favourite to win and take home the crown?

There are many teams that could take home the win and the title of winners, but some have more potential in our eyes and also looking at their track record in previous international games. Let’s have a look at some of the teams that will do well in the competition. Dare we also say that some of these teams are the ones that you should be placing your bets on? We sure do! The bad news is that France, Portugal and Germany are all in one time, but to be honest, France is already having the best odds out there of winning.


France has always had great momentum and great team spirit. The team has lifted the World Cup , and seems also to be the favourite team to win the Euro 2021. One of the main things about France is that that team is overflowing with great players and full of talent.


England is one of those teams that has great potential, greater players but together as a team they never make it till the very end of the competition to be crowned winners. On the other hand, if you visit the above new betting sites, you will realise that England is ranked quite high when it comes to if they will win the tournament. England is listed in Group D and they have Czech Republic and Croatia in their respective groups, hence they are very much deemed to come out on top from their group and make it to the very top. In case you were wondering if England deserve your bet, let us not forget that they made it to the semi final to the World Cup, so they should be considered as serious contenders.


Whilst many people think only about Cristiano Ronaldo when the Portugal football team is mentioned, reality is that the team has more esteemed and renowned players. Portugal managed to win the last Euro Championship without the help of Ronaldo. The players have a sense of team spirit that not every team has. Portugal will come back to the Euro with a vengeance and this could very much be the last time that Ronaldo participates, hence he will crave a win!


The hunger that the German team has in international matches is commendable. They have won the 2012 World Cup and the team is always ready to land another win, another accomplishment as a team of 11 people coming together for a common goal. They currently will square off with both France and Portugal within their team, and to be fair, if they manage to come out 1st from their group, there is nothing stopping the great Detschland.

And some of the Underdogs are …


The Netherlands have always been a great team, however if we have to be completely honest, their offence is not listed as top as the teams that we have listed above. If Netherlands want to raise the cup, the coaching team would need to find a great striker that could land them some goals for the Euro 2021.


Let us take your back in time to the days of the 2018 World Cup. This was the year where Croatia managed to reach the final round of the World Cup, but never won the final. This time around, Croatia is coming in 2021 wanting to make a statement. They need some serious players to join the team if they crave wins.


There was a time when Spain was regarded as pillars in the international football scene, unfortunately that time is over. Still, the team is composed by some of the greatest players in Latam and European football and together they can make magic happen. If you are looking to bet on individual players leaving their mark on matches, you should bet on Sergio Ramos, Rodrigo and also Rodri. These are the players that will make Spain a winning team.


Italy has always been regarded as a team with the greatest team spirit. The players are all joined up together as a team, with great momentum and eager to win together. Italy is not a one man show, but a collective collaboration between players that want the same goal. If Italy does not win the Euro 2021, we still predict that they will make it to the top 5 ranked teams.

Italy does not have the same players that it had during the Italia 90 days, however the talent is there within the country, but do they have enough time to train newcomers to the team in readiness for Euro 2021?