How to Design a Slot Game

There’s something quite intriguing about pulling a

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How to Design a Slot Game

There’s something quite intriguing about pulling a lever and testing your luck on a slot machine. Those few seconds where you wait for the lines to show your results, you see the second image match the first one and cross your fingers hoping with all your heart that it’s identical, is nerve wrecking! Adding that to the fact that it’s so easy to pull a level over and over again and again makes the game truly addictive. More likely than not, you will stay glued to that same spot, doing the same thing until you’ve earned that jackpot! That’s why slot games are essential to any casino, even if it’s online. But the question is, how is a successful slot game designed?

Designing a slot game for an online casino:

When deciding to design a slot game, the first step is to do quite a lot of research to figure out what the market has to offer. Check out the popular online gaming hubs and test out the slot games. Put yourself in the player’s shoes and identify the key features of a slot game on the Kerching official website that go into coming up with a successful game that is addictive and has a high stickiness. Playing the game frequently will help you understand the psychology behind it with every step, identifying the little details that bug you in order for you to change them in your design or highlighting key factors that make you want to feed more money to the slots, just so you can pull that lever once more.

Coming up with a theme

Market research is important to understand which themes attracts the most players and then checking out the competition available will help determine what the theme your slot game will have. For instance, if a historical theme resonates with players and draws them in, consider using a Greek gods theme or an Ancient Egyptian theme to attract the right audience, but add something new and appealing to the market to improve the customer experience.

Choosing the right visuals

Slot Visuals

The design aspect is crucial. Sometimes simple things such as whether there is a drop shadow behind the image displayed, or the hue of the color scheme can be the reason of success or failure. Choosing the right visuals according to the research conducted will help drag the players to the slots.

Determining the variance

The key factor that will keep players glued to a screen in front of your game is the variance. This determines not only the winnings the players will receive, but also the probability of them to hit a jackpot. During the design process, whether the variance will be low-risk, medium-risk or high-risk must be decided.

·Low risk variance machines are designed to attract the most players and keep them engaged for as long as possible. Think about it, the more you win, the more you’ll play. In this type, the winnings are low, but many combinations result in a jackpot keeping the player satisfied.

·Medium Risk variances offer bonus features and special opportunities to increase the value of the winnings, making it one of the reasons this type is quite popular online. Players can win more than low risk variance, but if luck isn’t on their side, their bankroll will suffer.

·With high risk variance slot games, the probability of winning isn’t quite as frequent, but when luck strikes, you could make a fortune. This is because wild, multiplier symbols and bonuses increase the amount of winnings ridiculously, making it worth the win. However, in order for a large jackpot to be possible, the amount of non-win spins will be the norm eating away at your finances. It all depends on the kind of player you want to attract and whether they have that kind of patience to keep on going or not.

Choosing the music

The sounds being played during that deadly wait should add to the suspense, but not to be too annoying that it puts players off. The dramatic effect of music can affect the psychology of players and keep them on their toes enough to push them into pulling the lever once more. That’s why research and design should be thoroughly studied when choosing the sound effects and music while playing.

It’s all about the user experience

While a slot machine might seem like a basic game, a lot of factors go into the design process and the key to its success. With many factors changing, designers should always be ready to make some adjustments to keep up with the technological advancements and guarantee the best user experience for the players. Now, do your part and wait for your luck to roll!