How Major Sporting Leagues are planning to keep the Audience Engrossed during Lockdowns?

The coronavirus pandemic has massively impacted al

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How Major Sporting Leagues are planning to keep the Audience Engrossed during Lockdowns?

The coronavirus pandemic has massively impacted almost every sporting event with league organizers planning to start proceeding in an extremely cautious and regulatory manner. However, despite the events being organized in a discretionary manner, public gatherings and stadium viewing experiences aren’t expected to kick-start any time soon. Then again, the National Football League, Major Baseball League, and other associations are encouraging fantasy playing, just to keep the home-bound audiences engaged with the sentiments.

Is Home-Bound Entertainment a genuine Possibility in the Post-Covid19 Era?

Staying entertained, even during the lockdown is possible, only if the major season like the NFL start. Once there are concrete announcements regarding the upcoming season, the audience can spend a lot of time on the fantasy drafting, ascertaining waiver wires, setting waiver priorities, and even carefully looking at the rookies, for more cost-effective purchases.

Moreover, with NFL, auto racing, NBA, and MBL slated for season releases, there is a lot for the audience to work with. Once the league seasons start, staying engaged wouldn’t be an issue as there will be several games and an even higher number of players to account for.

Not just that, it is also possible to keep a track of the points and scores with up to date standings that would also allow you to keep checking on your preferred teams. Be it soccer or major baseball, the leagues have to first work closely with the players for getting the season started, at the earliest.

How can a Sports Fanatic Kill time when only a few live events are being telecasted?

For you to kill time, it is important to learn about the nooks and crannies of the major leagues and player-centric developments that are currently happening due to the pandemic. However, while you wait for other seasons to start, the MLB league 2020 season is already available and we are almost 20 days into the new and presumably shortened season.

While you can always check the up to date standings for getting the first impression of the associated teams, before drafting newer recruits, you need to see how many of them are playing in this controversial season.

Due to the pandemic, there have been postponements with Miami Marlins being at the epicenter of the recurring problems. For getting ahead of the fantasy sports competition, it is necessary to take the preseason rankings into account. While MLB has already made every information public to keep the audience entertained despite them not being present at the stadiums, it is up to you to keep a closer track of player performances for improving your chances of making it big in the fantasy sporting arena.

That said, MBL has already picked up pace when it comes to fantasy registrations and the trend looks good for other leagues if and when they announce the official commencement of the 2020 seasons.