How Do Sports Game Proposals Work?

If you and your significant other both love the sa

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How Do Sports Game Proposals Work?

If you and your significant other both love the same sport or the same sports team, you might consider proposing at a formal match. Doing so could help you celebrate this important moment – and potentially have millions of people watching and celebrating with you.

But how should you go about this? And is it always the best idea?

Making Preparations

Everything starts with preparation. A sports proposal isn't something that you can improvise, or plan and execute within a week. It's a good idea to start the planning process as soon as you can, so you have more time to finalize the details and iron out any kinks you encounter along the way.

  • Weigh the pros and cons. Are you sure that proposing at a sports match is the best idea for you and your partner? There are many reasons to be excited about this option. If you and your spouse-to-be go to games regularly, this environment is emblematic of your relationship and it could be a place where you feel very close. If you both love being outgoing and socializing with other people, you'll enjoy having the thrill of a stadium full of people watching you while you propose. And of course, your proposal will be caught on video too. But there are some downsides to consider as well. Some people will feel uncomfortable with all those people watching, especially if cameras are pointed in their direction. If the game isn't unfolding well, or if you time your proposal poorly, it could be negatively received by both your partner and the people around you. And on top of that, it can be costly to plan a formal proposal like this.
  • Think about your partner. Ultimately, your proposal should revolve around your partner. Is this person truly enthusiastic about attending games with you, or do they mostly tag along to humor you? Is there a place that's even more special for both of you? Would your partner enjoy the excitement and enthusiasm of an energized stadium – or would they prefer somewhere quieter and more private?
  • Have a frank conversation. It's perfectly understandable to want to keep your proposal a surprise, but it often pays to have a proactive conversation about expectations. Talking to your partner about a potential proposal can help you feel more confident that you're going to get a “yes” and make sure you're on the right track when it comes to planning. Don't be afraid to ask directly how they feel about a public proposal.
  • Buy the ring. At this point, you’ll be ready to start shopping for engagement rings. If you're confident that proposing is the right move, start looking for a ring that's going to fit your partner’s personality and taste in fashion. If these are foreign concepts to you, don't worry, there are many jewelers who specialize in helping people find the perfect rings for their loved ones.
  • Start brainstorming. You're going to have many options for how you plan your sports proposal, so start brainstorming the possibilities now. What are you going to say? How are you going to position yourself? How are you going to celebrate afterward?
  • Start saving. While it’s a romantic gesture you’ll both marry forever, proposing at a sports game can be expensive. Depending on the sport you’re watching, the experience you hope to get with the proposal, where you're proposing, and the nature of the game in which you propose, you can probably expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars. In some cases, this is going to cost you at least a few thousand. Accordingly, it's a good idea to start saving now, especially if you want to prioritize buying the best possible engagement ring. Set aside a bit of money every month until you reach your goal.

Once you've gone through these preparatory measures, you can reach out to the sports team in which you're interested and start making official plans.

Contact PR

When you’re ready to move forward with planning, contact the PR department of the sports team you’re targeting; they’ll be able to guide you through the next steps of the planning process. It's important to contact this department as early as possible, so you have plenty of time to make proper preparations. If you expect to be supported in a proposal next week, you'll probably be rejected.

Time It Right

Time your proposal right during the game as well. It's usually best to propose in the first half of the game; if your team is losing late in the game, the crowd isn't going to be as supportive of this novelty, no matter how excited you and your partner are.

Get Aisle Seats (When Possible)

When buying tickets, get aisle seats. This will give you more room to step out and get on one knee if you're interested in proposing in this traditional way. You can make any seats work, but you might be grateful for this extra convenience.

Proposing during a sports game isn't the right move for every couple. For every person who loves the thrill of having their love celebrated by a full stadium, there's a person who shrinks at the idea. But if this type of proposal sounds majestic and inspiring to both of you, you can easily plan the proposal of your partner’s dreams.