Historic Goals in Football History

You'll notice one common aspect in the greatest fo

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Historic Goals in Football History

You'll notice one common aspect in the greatest football goals: they all create a community of viewers united in euphoria and astonishment. Whether you witness the goal in the stadium or a fellow fan sends you a video on WhatsApp while working at royalwriter.co.uk, you'll always react similarly to unbelievable moments.

For instance, Mexico's Luis Chavez scored an absolute screamer in the 2022 World Cup in their match against Saudi Arabia. Vincent Aboubakar also elevated his national hero status with his amazing chip, which is typical of a remarkable goal.

But these are two of the numerous memorable moments on the pitch. Here are more goals that will remain embedded in any enthusiast's mind:

Cristiano Ronaldo Against Porto

It makes perfect sense to begin this list with the GOAT, Cristiano Ronaldo. He has many unbelievable goals, but this score against Porto in the 2008/09 Champions League was mouth gaping. The star played for Manchester United by then.

Ronaldo's goal wasn't just an amazing shot but equally important. Manchester United had to beat Porto to progress on to the next Champion's League round in 2009 after the latter secured a first-leg draw.

Cristiano rose to the challenge and unleashed a shot from 40 yards. The ball soared into the net and proved all Manchester United needed to progress to the next stage. It's hard to replicate what Ronaldo did that night. Whether you like him or not, he possesses a unique talent and plays the type of football many dreams of playing.

Geoff Hurst Against Germany

Sports historians at any college essay writing service can attest that the English football scene has come a long way and has seen numerous fluctuations. However, only a few events can match the 1966 World Cup final's significance in football, especially because of Geoff Hurst's goal.

This goal is famous because it helped England win the World Cup. But the memorable black-and-white footage and commentary that came with it make it even better.

It was a controversial score since it hit the bar behind the line and came back into the field. There was no VAR by then, so you can understand the conflict. The ref considered it a goal after consideration. To date, this score represents the highest point in English football.

Robin Van Persie Against Spain

Every football enthusiast acknowledges Robin Van Persie's exceptional talent and stylish football. The Arsenal and Manchester United legend has scored some of the most memorable goals in club competitions, and his home team has as well.

Van Persie's legend status was clear when he scored what many consider the greatest goal ever in the 2014 World Cup. The diving header came just before the halftime break, and it motivated the Hollanders to score an additional four goals in the second half. This performance earned him the title "The Flying Dutchman."

This goal was even more remarkable because it happened during the rematch between the Netherlands and Spain. It was a chance for the Netherlands revenge after losing 0-1 to Spain in the 2010 Football World Cup finals. The Dutch won 5 – 1.

Maxi Rodriguez Against Mexico

Argentina was in a tough spot during the 2006 Japan World Cup, and Maxi Rodriguez stepped up. The winger and attacking midfielder rescued his team from facing penalty shoot-outs against a nasty Mexican goalkeeper, Oswaldo Sanchez.

The two teams tied with a goal each during the first half of extra time. Everyone was certain of the penalty shootout, and the players were warming up. But Maxi's stunning left-footed volley put Argentina ahead of their opponents to secure victory in the Round of 16 match. As a result, Argentina advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Zlatan Back Heel Volley

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has had stints at some top European clubs. The fraternity recognizes him as one of the world's best strikers. While he's criticized for not performing in big games, Ibrahimovic has consistently amazed fans with his incredible strikes.

Zlatan scored one of his most memorable goals at Inter Milan in a 2008 league match against Bologna. After receiving a cross from Adriano, the star executed a remarkable backheel volley. He took the chance and stuck his leg out, which paid off beautifully.

Many might argue that Ibrahimovic isn't the absolute best player globally. However, there's no denying that the striker plays one of the most entertaining games.

Lionel Messi vs. Getafe

The dribbling master wouldn't miss this detailed coverage. Lionel Messi is among today's top footballers, but most importantly, he plays one of the most entertaining games. The star doesn't struggle to score and does so in some remarkable ways.

He has many historic goals, but his score against Getafe in 2007 still stands out. He was only 19 years old by then, but he displayed an incredible dribbling performance against Getafe and iced it with a memorable goal. The message was clear: Messi is here!

Most Barcelona fans believe this strike was the best in the club's history. But his national team fan base may not be that intrigued, considering Messi has scored many equally thrilling goals for Argentina.

George Weah Against Verona

George Weah, the President of Liberia, was an amazing soccer player, with incredible skills and a striking instinct. Weah netted 58 goals in 147 matches during his time with AC Milan. There was a moment, for example, in 1996 when that awesome talent was deployed.

First Weah tackled a corner kick from Verona in his own penalty area and ran the length of the pitch. Then he dribbled through two defenders at the half-way line and beat more defenders to score with a great strike.

This moment was undoubtedly one of the highlights of Weah's career. He later went on to win his second Serie A title with AC.

Players have consistently used unique ways to score stunning goals, from flying headers to free kicks to bicycle kicks. Of course, the sport has numerous talented individuals, but the above stand out with some of the best goals in the game's history.