Fun Facts About Football Every Fan Would Want to Know

Football is a very popular game for various sports

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Fun Facts About Football Every Fan Would Want to Know

Football is a very popular game for various sports fans all over the globe. Perhaps the simplicity of the game mechanics is the main reason why people are attracted to this sport. Add to this the marketing techniques implemented by the sponsors of the games to enhance the curiosity of the fans. If you are one football fan, then you would definitely be interested in some of the fun facts below.

Hair or Helmet?

The NFL, or the National Football League is a professional American league composed of 32 teams. It was founded in August, 20, 1920 and players were not required to wear a helmet on the field until 1943. Perhaps safety was not emphasized that much back then but did you know that during this time, players grew their hair long? This was because they thought that long hair would protect their head.

Why Soccer?

Are you curious on why sometimes the sport is referred to as soccer? Well, the sport is actually known as football all over the world. It is only in the United States and in Canada where it is called soccer. But football doesn’t actually mean handling the ball using your feet. Rather, the term football was coined to highlight the fact that the game is played on the feet and not on horseback.

All About the World Cup

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup, or simply World Cup, happens every four years, and to date, only seven countries have managed to be successful in winning the league. These countries include Spain, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Uruguay, England and Argentina. As a football fan, for sure you follow the World Cup. But aside from this league, the sports experts behind highlight other leagues that you should watch out for such as the Champion’s league, the Premier league, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Serie A among others. It may come as a surprise that you may find enjoyment in following these leagues too and discover awesome football players worth watching.

Football Goals

Did you know that the fastest goal ever recorded only took 2.8 seconds? This was made by Ricardo Olivera in December 1998 and the record has not been beaten ever since. Another interesting fact is that a single player scored 16 goals in a single football match. This number is recorded as the most number of goals made in a single game. Just like the fastest goal ever recorded, 16 goals in a game is not yet beaten to date.

Football is indeed one interesting and fun sport to play and to watch. Did knowing about why players in the past have long hair surprise you? Is it now clear why sometimes the sport is called soccer? Did knowing more about the world cup make you more fond of the sport? Are you amazed by the fastest or most goals ever recorded? Well, there’s a lot more to know about football and these are just some of the fun facts that for sure, you as a football fan wants to know.