Football betting vs. casinos - which odds are better?

In recent years the sport industry has seen an inc

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Football betting vs. casinos - which odds are better?

In recent years the sport industry has seen an incredible boom, especially since its move to the online world making the ability to bet on sports games and races that much easier by making it so that one doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home to gamble their money away. Many countries are actually focusing on the training of young children to play football in order to make a name for themselves and potentially represent their country in the Olympics. Making the sports betting world all the more exciting.

The move online is not exclusive to the sports betting industry but has also made its way to the world of casinos. With endless amounts of games to choose from in any style a player could desire, it’s no wonder the industry has seen a massive boom. Not to mention, some people have even taken up gambling as a profession to make a living for themselves.The big question for gamblers and sports bettors is; which form of gambling has the better odds? Continue reading to find out.

Long term odds

The first thing that you would notice, if you’ve ever played a casino game, is that each game has a different house edge, which is not the case when betting on sports, football in particular. This means that essentially that the main difference between casino gambling and football betting lies in the house edge.

When it comes to casino games, each game has a built in house edge with some being better for the players than others. Slots are unpredictable and generally have a house edge between 2 and 10%, but allow players to bet very small amounts at a time. Most players do this in order to just pass the time, and if you want to make a few $1 bets at these casinos without risking your entire bankroll, you can find them here. Blackjack has a casino edge of approximately 1.5% making it one of the best casino games to play in terms of the house edge. Next there is poker which has a house edge that ranges between 0.5 and 5%. One of the games that has a high hose edge is slots.

When it comes to sports betting there is no real house edge designed to win in the long term. Every match have to be thoroughly to find out every small detail of each player and team from the athletes recent health status, the teams last few wins, the strongest players, and the previous games that teams have played. Everything is strategy and research whereas casino games are purely just luck, even if you use strategy and skill.

Casino games

Different games at various levels all have numerous odds of winning within the casinos. With blackjack giving players a one of the highest winning odd at 49%, roulette having even higher odds of winning at 50%, and wheel of fortune being one of the worst games to play with the odds of winning between 26 and 39%, choosing a games to play in terms of return should be done carefully.

Another example of the odds of winning at different levels in casino games is in slots. One of the reasons why slots have one of the worst odds when it comes to casino games is because they have low volatility and high volatility slots. This means that you will either be winning a large sum of money but not often, if at all, or winning very small sums of money, quite often, that don’t allow you to recover the bets you have made.

When it comes to sports betting there is much more strategy involved, and while there might be different sports, the odds can be calculated with relative ease and volatility doesn’t play a factor in this kind of betting.

Which form of gambling offers the best edge to players?

Most casinos games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette, can be strategized in order to give an edge to the player. These odds of winning differ from game to game as mentioned earlier and with a solid strategy you can increase you odds of winning but it is all ultimately a game of luck and you can never really know how it will end up.

When betting on a football match, the fact that you ca choose which matches to bet on, unlike playing a casino game, the odds can already shift in your favour. When betting on a football game, the more research that is done, the better the chances of the it paying off.