Finances of Real Betis – Overview and History

There is plenty printed and released about the big

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Finances of Real Betis – Overview and History

There is plenty printed and released about the big soccer clubs out there regarding their financial value and player salaries, and often people assume this is the case for the entire league – which couldn’t be further from the truth. The finances of Real Betis FC are an excellent example of a strong club, that has been around since 1907, but isn’t exactly thought of as being in the “big leagues” when it comes to huge contracts.

So, what does the financial overview and history of Real Betis reveal? Let’s take a closer look.

Rocky Financial Times Over the Years

Just like so many clubs that have started, Real Betis has a varied financial history. While it got off to a decent start, there were some very dark times, if you will, that seemed to coincide with how well they were doing in the stands, as well as the economic times. Even though the team was able to weather internal fights, a loss of key players, a loss of fan interest, and even war times, it was 1992 that really hit the team hard.

In 1992, the team was suddenly caught up in new regulations and league rules that resulted in them needing to provide a whole lot more money than ever before. It was the fans that stepped up to help, raising 400 million pesetas of the 1,200 million pesetas needed. The rest was funded by the vice-president at the time, who became the majority shareholder.

Going Through a Period of Growth

When looking for a way to explain the current finances of Real Betis FC, it's best to explain it as a period of growth. As mentioned, this is a club that has been around for well over 100 years now, and has certainly seen its ups and downs.

The current goal for the club in the 2019/2020 season is to have a budget of 150 million euros. This is a huge increase over the 2017/2018 budget of just over 87 million euros. The idea is that this budget will allow the team to grow, and get the talent that brings excitement, experience, wins, and fans to the club.

Part of what is driving this higher budget is an increase in the club's ticket sales, in particular sales of the more expensive VIP seating. Not only that, but there was an increase in the TV rights, which will get them more coverage and generate more interest overall.

A New Season Brings About a New Deal

Now that the 2019/2020 season is underway, there is plenty of excitement surrounding the team thanks to its recently inked three-year sponsorship deal. Real Betis FC unveiled its new sponsor – easyMarkets, complete with new team jerseys displaying the logo of easyMarkets. This exclusive front-of-shirt sponsorship agreement provides easyMarkets with prime real estate, if you will, when it comes to advertising.

When commenting on the new deal, both parties agreed that thanks to their "shared values and dedication" it was a deal that is exciting and well-respected. Each are excited about the many opportunities that the sponsorship can lead to.