Emerging Popularity of Casino Sponsors in Football Explained

Football or soccer is one if not the most popular

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Emerging Popularity of Casino Sponsors in Football Explained

Football or soccer is one if not the most popular and profitable sport in the world. As far as sponsors go, a lot of other sports don’t even compare to the number of companies supporting football teams. Betting operators are often sponsoring multiple teams, or sign contracts with different players to be brand ambassadors. It is why football and betting have become inseparable, in a way. Yet it seems like it won’t stop there, as there is a new trend emerging in terms of sponsorships. It appears that more and more casinos are now also supporting football teams. Let’s find out why that is happening, or why that is happening right now.

Ideal Channel

If we go back to the point of how football and betting are closely linked, it really makes sense for casinos to market their content here. After all, the audience that places sports bets is also likely to play casino games. It’s not just a predisposition that comes from placing bets, it’s also the relevant age group. You see, football has a massive fan base among all age groups, and even though millennials are not as excited about gambling, men aged between 35 and 60 are.

Public Perception

Gambling has always been controversial, to say the least. Much like alcohol, it is associated with good times, but also with real-life problems. Almost any brand would hate this and combat negative public perception, it’s just business. Sports are usually associated with a healthy lifestyle, and athletes tend to be positive role models. Getting your brand name there helps tip the scale in a more positive direction for casinos, but it can also result in a negative reputation for football teams.

Moreover, by doing these deals they can get rights to certain brand names or logos and use them in their own content. If you were to check those new online casinos you would see lots of slot games. Some of these games feature famous sports teams, athletes, and logos. This helps them provide more entertaining content for the users and also makes slot games more appealing for sports fans.

Getting on TV

Laws and regulations for TV commercials can be very strict, as everyone knows children are also watching television. Meaning, people want to avoid situations where kids can be exposed to commercials that can lead to bad life decisions. Also, parents are pretty vocal when it comes to the issues of normalizing gambling. As a result, these commercials are either completely banned or only allowed past 9 pm. However, if your brand name is displayed during popular football matches, you get some of that second-hand exposure.

Clubs Get Massive Benefits

It is important to note that this wouldn’t be possible if football clubs weren’t okay with the decision. In other words, teams get massive financial benefits because they agree to display these brand names. This once again helps with public perception as casinos are seen as supportive forces for athletes, but it also gives sports fans an incentive. Now, whenever you are placing bets or gambling in a casino you are also indirectly supporting your favorite team.


It seems like this was all an overly complicated explanation for one primary reason, and that is money. Casinos get to market their content and pay money to do so, in hope that a fresh influx of new users will balance out those expenses. The same goes for football teams and players, they get more funds to compensate for the potential negative image. At the same time, they can provide donations, use the funds to better the club, or other good causes.