Cyber ​​football betting - secrets and strategies for eSports betting

Betting on e-football is a bet on the simulation o

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Cyber ​​football betting - secrets and strategies for eSports betting

Betting on e-football is a bet on the simulation of football matches. Unlike classic esports, where athletes compete against each other, in esports the results of matches depend on computer calculations.

We've looked at profitable and great FIFA esports betting strategies, and looked at important nuances that can ultimately affect profits. By the way, some of these strategies are also applicable to playing at ggbet casino and can increase the chance of winning.

What is e-football

Cyberfootball is a simulation of matches, not a real confrontation between two players. Therefore, betting on this sport has its own specifics. What you need to know before betting on cyberfootball:

  • It is not possible to make a bet in the pre-match. Bets are accepted only in live. In most bookmakers in Live, you can find matches that will start in the near future and you can already bet on them.
  • The human factor is completely excluded. The simulation can be followed in real time, but no one can influence the outcome of the meeting.
  • Various software is used. As a rule, in cyber football, simulations take place on the FIFA game. But even one bookmaker can use different versions of the game. At the same time, it is mandatory to indicate on which version all calculations are carried out. This should be taken into account, as some game mechanics may work according to different principles or be completely absent.
  • There are several formats of e-football. As a rule, 6 major European club championships and European cups are played. But there are various variations, for example, 4x4 football or a penalty shootout competition.
  • In a short period of time, a simulation of several seasons can pass. It imposes its own characteristics. A club that is considered a favorite in real football may be an outsider when calculating probabilities. But this happens very rarely.

In some bookmakers, e-football is also called betting on FIFA e-sports. But such events are in the eSports section. While simulation matches can be found in the Football section.

Distinctive features of e-football betting

It has already been written above that the strength of real teams differs from virtual ones, sometimes the differences are radically opposite. However, there are a few other important factors to consider when betting on simulated matches:

  • The program does not take into account the motivation of teams for a particular game. In e-football there is no concept of a derby, a fight for European cups or survival. Teams approach each match with the same conditions.
  • The form of the players throughout the season is the same. The leaders do not have sharp failures, and new stars practically do not appear in the lineups.
  • Do not take into account the series of victories and defeats. As in the case of the lack of motivation, such factors do not affect the quality of the teams' play.
  • Weather conditions don't matter. All matches will have the same weather. So that the ball does not accidentally slip off the attacker's foot due to heavy rain.
  • There is no coach factor. Top coaches can turn the tide of almost any game in real football. This does not happen in simulation.

In fact, in e-football, teams come out in perfect condition for every match. But this does not mean at all that the favorites will constantly win, and the outsiders will lose.

Popular types of e-football bets

There are no fundamental differences between cyberfootball and real football in terms of the type of bets. Although the number of options for betting is much less. If up to several thousand outcomes are given for popular matches in football, then at best there are about 120 outcomes for e-football matches.

There are 3 popular market types:

  • outcomes, including double ones;
  • totals, both general and individual;
  • odds.

You can bet both on the result of the whole match, and on each half.

In addition, it is possible to bet on additional options, for example, exact score, time / match, exact number of goals, even or odd.

But you can't bet on cyberfootball statistics. Bookmakers do not accept bets on corners, cards, penalties and other statistical indicators.

Cyber ​​football betting strategy

Professional bettors prefer to bypass e-football because it is impossible to predict the match. All the factors that affect real football cannot be projected onto a computer simulation.

It is recommended to bet only in live. Although in some bookmakers it is possible to place a bet an hour before the start of the meeting. Therefore, most strategies are focused only on playing live. They take into account the following factors:

  • comebacks are extremely rare;
  • There are practically no zero draws;
  • if there are many goals scored, then it is worth betting on the total more, and vice versa.

It should be taken into account that some strategies may work differently on different versions of the simulator.

Cash flows or loads

The strategy is based on sharp changes in the coefficients. If a large amount is bet on one of the outcomes, then the bookmaker tries to equalize the quotes by increasing the odds for the opposite outcome. The bettor has two options:

  • Follow the trend. This is worth doing if the team on which the bet is placed leads the game.
  • Go against the load. For e-football, “large amount” is an extremely relative concept, since not very many bets are made. Perhaps a sharp change in quotes is associated with one large rate. In some cases, it makes sense to go against the trend by betting on a good odds.

The main disadvantage is that for competent bets you need to be very well versed in e-football, how the odds change. And that takes too much time.

Strategy for total over in the second half

The strategy is suitable for matches in which the score was not opened before the break. In this case, you can safely bet on TO 1.5. The coefficient for such an outcome should be in the region of 1.8-2.

The method is based on statistics. It is extremely rare for matches to end in a goalless draw or in the victory of one of the teams with a minimal advantage.

Draw strategy

Players are invited to bet on a draw in matches of equal opponents. The main condition is that the coefficient on the outcome must be greater than 4.

The method is more like a lottery than a really working strategy. But with the help of this approach, it is possible to go into the plus for a long distance.

Betting on the losing favorite

The method is taken from real football. Often, if the clear favorite concedes first, then for the rest of the match he manages not only to win back, but also to come out ahead. In order for the strategy to have a chance of success, 3 conditions must be met:

  • before the start of the game, the coefficient for the victory of the favorite is 1.3-1.5;
  • after a missed goal, quotes rise to values ​​of 1.7-1.8 ;
  • You need to set only up to the 60th minute.

Also, the strategy can be used on a penalty shootout. If the favorite does not score the first blow and at the same time concedes, then the coefficient for winning immediately jumps to a value of 1.8-2.

Werth strategy

Denis Vert is the author of a popular betting blog. In his predictions, he uses several schemes for e-football at once. But according to the author, they work best on the FIFA 17 version:

  • If before the 20th minute of the match the teams have not opened an account, then it is worth taking a closer look at TO 2.5. If the coefficient for this outcome is from 2.1 and higher, then you can safely take it.
  • If the teams haven’t scored before 40 minutes, then it’s worth taking TO 1.5 if the odds are higher than 2.3. This item repeats the strategy for total over in the second half, except for higher quotes.
  • If for 25 minutes the teams scored exactly 3 goals for two, then you need to bet on TO 5.5. It doesn't matter what odds the bookmaker gives.
  • If by the 70th minute the score has not been opened, then you can bet on over 0.5. It is desirable that the quotes for this outcome be higher than 2.