Could Cricket Ever Compete With Soccer? Which 11-A-Side Game Comes Out On Top?

All soccer fans out there are sure to doubt that a

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Could Cricket Ever Compete With Soccer? Which 11-A-Side Game Comes Out On Top?

All soccer fans out there are sure to doubt that any other sport could possibly measure up to their favorite game. However, It’s always good to challenge your beliefs, so here we take a closer look at a different sport, cricket, to see if it could be a worthy rival. After all, there are a couple of similarities – both games have eleven players on each side, and both are in the top five most popular sports worldwide. Yet, it’s fair to say that comparing cricket and soccer is a little like comparing water and vodka – both may be clear liquids but the effects they produce are very different! So, should you consider switching allegiances and supporting a different game?

Comparing The Game Itself

To begin, you need to start by looking at the basics of the game. In soccer, all of the players work together for the success of the match. Each one must give their all to each and every game. With cricket, it isn’t quite the same. Yes, there’s a team of 11 players, but success can be achieved through just a couple of the players’ skills. Soccer requires coordination and support from the entire team. If a single player makes a mistake with one shot, it’s possible for the whole game to go in the opponent’s favor in the very last moments.

Comparing The Manager And The Coach

In soccer, the team’s manager is the boss and everybody knows it. They call the shots then the team has to follow. His control over his team is complete. Yet, with cricket, their team manager or coach simply doesn’t hold all the power. The captain may call the shots, or sometimes, the President of the board will make the final decisions. This is a major difference.

Comparing The Players

Soccer players are at the very pinnacle of their fitness. After all, it’s a challenging game, requiring both physical and mental stamina. Cricket players, meanwhile, while still sportsmen, simply can’t measure up on the fitness stakes.

Comparing The Equipment

When you play soccer, the amount of kit required is at an absolute minimum – just a field (or even any large space at a push) and a ball. With cricket, though, you’ll need a lot of other equipment just to get started. Balls, bats, pads, stumps, gloves… the list goes on.

Comparing The Length Of The Game

When you go to watch a game of soccer, or when you play yourself, you know that there is a limited amount of time that the game will go on. A game is 90 minutes long. Occasionally, you’ll need to add on a couple of extra minutes for stoppage time. Sure, there may be some extra time or a penalty shootout but all of that pales into insignificance compared to the length of a game of cricket which can go on for five hours or even as long as five days.

Comparing The Fans

Soccer stadiums are rarely empty. Whether the teams are local or international, fans travel from far and wide to support them and their favorite players. Meanwhile, when teams from overseas play, cricket stadiums are often virtually empty.

Are There Any Similarities?

Apart from the fact that a ball is used in both games and that there are 11 players on each team, there are very few similarities between soccer and cricket. However, there is one further comparison to make – their popularity when it comes to sports betting. Online cricket betting is almost as popular as betting on soccer. In fact, around the world, cricket comes second in the popularity stakes just after soccer. So, while you may not be keen to switch your allegiance to cricket and become an all-out fan just yet, you might want to consider giving it a chance!