Classic Football Shirts

Whether you are a fan of a smaller football club o

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Classic Football Shirts

Whether you are a fan of a smaller football club or one of the big, iconic teams, there is probably at least one player or team that gets you excited, and you might want to own a piece of their kit as a memento. Fortunately, there is a whole industry dedicated to making replicas of team strips, ranging from older historical football kits to more recent designs and the iconic classic football shirts too. That even extends to personal kits for specific players, with replicas of old football shirts and classic football kit available for everything from the biggest stars in football history to long-forgotten local heroes. No matter what your interest is, or how obscure the vintage football kit you are looking for is, you should be able to get hold of any specific retro football shirts you want, with a bit of research! Let us take a look at what is out there and how to find it as quickly and easily as possible.

What is a Classic Football Kit?

Football kits are constantly changing, with new players, unexpected transfers, and even new sponsorship deals and uniform designers making small changes to the looks of the team kit. A team's modern look might be radically different from the vintage football shirts that they used to have, and that difference is important.

It is usually easy to get your hands on the current kit for your favourite team, and many people like to collect every slight revision to the kit as soon as it comes out. Retro football kits can be a little harder to find, though, as the official retailers tend to only sell the hot new kit rather than the styles, designs, and numbers of years past. If there is a particular look or a particular player that means a lot to you, you might want to try to buy the specific classic football kit in question rather than whatever it happens to look like at the moment.

"Classic football kit" generally refers to the older designs that are more iconic to older fans, rather than the current design. How old something has to be, to be regarded as "classic football shirts" or "retro football kit" varies from team to team and from retailer to retailer, but in general anything that is not particularly recent is likely to be regarded as classic.

Why Classic?

Classic football shirts have a certain retro charm, and many of them are more iconic than the team’s current kit. If you have a certain affection for an older style of kit, or for a player that is no longer with your favourite team, then buying a classic shirt is a great idea. You might also want to buy a classic kit to fit with a collection of period items, or to fill in a gap in a long-term collection of football shirts.

Where to buy retro football shirts

While the current football kit can be bought directly from the team and official retailers, classic football shirts can be harder to find. Fortunately, the internet is here to help. There are plenty of great eBay stores selling classic football kits, but if you want a solid and reliable option, specialist stores such as Classic Football Kit are the best choice. These sites offer a huge library of different historical football kits, from recently retired strips and numbers to early classic icons. No matter what you are looking for, sites such as Classic Football Kit have got you covered!

Make sure you are buying from a site or store that you trust, as low-quality reproductions are everywhere. What you are looking for is a store with a long history and a genuine care for classic football shirts, like the Classic Football Kit blog and store.


Classic football kit can be a confusing world, but there is a wide and vibrant industry built around this vintage merchandise. No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find some high-quality retro football kit replicas to fit your needs perfectly – even if you are after an obscure piece of classic kit, there will be someone out there selling it.