A Rundown on How You (an Expat), Can Bet on Your Favorite Sports Team While Living in Malaysia

Living in another country as an expat proves to ha

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A Rundown on How You (an Expat), Can Bet on Your Favorite Sports Team While Living in Malaysia

Living in another country as an expat proves to have several advantages as well as challenges. One of the benefits of being an expat is the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture and gain new experiences. However, one of the drawbacks is the need to follow the rules implemented in that country, which may restrict you from doing some of the activities you previously enjoyed doing in your home country.

For instance, most types of gambling, including sports betting, is prohibited in Malaysia. This can be very unfortunate if you do love sports betting and do it from time to time before you become an expat in Malaysia.

Hence, the ways on how you, as an expat, can still bet on your favorite sports while living in Malaysia can be very limited.

Online sports betting

As an expat in Malaysia, the use of an international online sports betting site is your only chance to place a wager on your favorite teams. As mentioned earlier, this is because gambling in general is considered illegal in Malaysia, and this includes online sports betting. The use of online sports betting sites with an international gaming license will permit you to proceed with placing your bets on your favorite teams because these sites are beyond the jurisdiction of the Malaysian government. This is also true with online casino sites that hold the same international gaming licenses. In fact, the Trusted Online Casino Malaysia and other countries in the Asia Pacific region openly endorse are only those that hold these licenses. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use multiple online sports betting sites for you to have a good idea of which of these sites offer the best odds, as well as promotions and bonuses.

Malaysian sports betting

If you are probing into Malaysian sports betting, it is imperative for you to familiarize yourself with the Malaysian odds format. More often than not, this is supported by Asian bookmakers and are typically used by more experienced bettors rather than those novices in this field. Malay odds are often described as positive of negative, which is typically not available in European bookmakers, but is common with American bookmakers. The positive Malay odds simply mean that you are betting on the team with a greater chance of winning. The negative Malay odds indicate that you are betting on the underdog. This odd format is different from the decimal odds and fractional odds which are typical in the European bookies.

Malaysian Sports Betting

Being an expat is a good experience because of the opportunity to live in a different country and immerse in their culture, try out local delicacies, and engage with the way of life of the locals. However, this also entails the need for you to observe the laws and regulations implemented in your host country, which may inhibit you from doing some of the things you have grown to love. Nevertheless, there will always be a workaround for any situation that is without going against the law.