A Guide to Top Legendary Soccer Players

"Football is an honest game; it is true to life. I

A Football Report
A Guide to Top Legendary Soccer Players

"Football is an honest game; it is true to life. It is a game about sharing. Football is a team game-so is life?"-Joe Namath.

Football is a sport that comprises of two teams standing and playing against each other to score a goal and win.

It is one sport that grabs a lot of attention as it has a lot of associations, clubs, football betting sites, and fan base across the world.

Anyone can undoubtedly say that Football is the kind of sport that is watched and embraced. There are various names for Football in some countries like Canada and America; they refer to Football as soccer.

It is a game that requires speed, strength, and agility to strike a goal. Football is one game that has given us athletes like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, etc.

These players are into sharing, caring, and very attentive in life as well as in the field, which gave them the place in the famous football players list.

In the following article, we will see some of the greatest players, or we may as well picture them as legends of Football. Without creating and fuss, let us see what the world of Football has given us their priceless possessions.


In football history, if asked, who is the greatest football player of all time? The crowd universally cheers for Pele.

Anyone who has known and seen him play will know the legend that he is. He is the only person in the history of Football to have won 3 FIFA World Cups.

When he was 17, he joined the ground and made his presence felt on the turf. Apart from world recognition, he has become a megastar emerging from Brazil.

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Not just that, he was selected as the global ambassador for sports by the UN. You can also catch him on your TV in a movie called Escape to Victory.


The next to top our list is Argentina's current football manager and a retired football player, Diego Maradona.

In the year 1986, it was Diego Maradona who made it possible for Argentina to win the World Cup; his outstanding performance is still remembered.

Today, he is a world-famous personality, mostly known for his short-temper! He was responsible for showing inspiring players with hard work; one can reach success.

As a manager, he judges the game and selects the players with the right defense, which adds to the game and is the man behind Argentina's many wins.


Cristiano Ronaldo arguably is one of the most handsome men on the field. With his good looks and game, he can woo anyone off their feet.

He is a Portuguese player who has given the decade's most jaw-dropping wins and performances.

In his time as a player, he was able to bag a lot of awards and recognitions for the UEFA Champions League and other Premier Leagues as well.

He was also front and center during the 2016 European Championships, where due to his skills, he took his team to victory.


When talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, we cannot miss his rightful opponent, Lionel Messi.

A native of Argentina, he is one of the greatest players the country has ever seen. He is considered to be the rightful replacement for Maradona, but no players were comparable to Messi!

From the initial games Messi, many could see that he was made for the game. His game was appreciated, which led him to win a lot of awards and recognition.

Messi has been playing for 16 years with FC Barcelona and helped them win La Liga, UEFA Champions League, Joan Gamper Trophy, Supercopa de España, and Copa Del Rey.

Wrapping it up

Football is a platform, which has garnered a lot of spectators over the years.

Football management has always seen its fair share of ups and downs, even with some of the most reliable sports players. But none were comparable to the players mentioned above.

With reliable names like them in the field, the future of the players and sport is only known to grow. Today, we can see that with the revolution of the football betting space and playing landscape.