A Few Countries Where Association Football is Extremely Popular

Association football is the most popular sport in

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A Few Countries Where Association Football is Extremely Popular

Association football is the most popular sport in the world, and it consistently has been the most popular since the early twentieth century. The history of football can be traced back to the Ancient era, where kickball games similar to what we now call football/soccer were played in numerous countries. Some of the most notable progenitors of football can be seen in Ancient China, Greece and Rome.

However, the sport as we know it today, came to be in the mid-1800s, when Oxford University drew up the first, official rules to the game of Football. Most of the Oxford rules have changed completely today, and many have become obsolete, however, it can be said that this was the point in time when association football was truly, officially born.

But what countries are the biggest fans of the sport? In this article, we will take a look at a few countries where football is, by far, the most popular and beloved sport.


England is where it all began. In the mid-1800s, the official rules and regulations for the game of football were drafted in Oxford University, and while many of those rules have either changed, or become obsolete, they were still responsible for shaping the game as we know it today. England sees millions of football fans annually, many of whom not only watch, but also play football either on an amateur level or on a recreational level. England is also one of the countries where football betting is by far the most popular.

On online betting sites millions of pounds are spent annually placing bets on football teams alone. These sites also offer numerous perks, such as the bet365 bonus code no deposit, which make betting and playing casino games a lot easier and more entertaining for newbies and experienced players alike. The English national football team is also one of the best, and most prestigious football teams, being ranked 4th in the official FIFA rankings of the national football teams.


Brazil is a country with a long and storied love and passion for sports, and the most popular and beloved sport in Brazil is football. There are millions of football fans in Brazil, and 2.1 million registered players in close to 30.000 football clubs. Out of these clubs, the most successful and popular are the Sao Paolo F.C., Santos F.C., the SC Internacional F.C., etc. Some of the best players in the history of football have come from Brazil, with the standouts being Pele, who is not just one of the best regarded footballers, but a highly-respected athlete in general. Other Brazilian footballers of note include Ronaldinho, Neymar, etc.

The Brazilian national football team is also one of the most accomplished football teams in the world, having won several Olympic gold medals, and numerous international football titles and awards. They are ranked second on the official FIFA rankings, and are widely considered to be the greatest national football team in the world.


Another country with a deep love of sports is Italy. According to certain statistics, there are close to 4 million fans of football in Italy. The Italian national football team is ranked quite high on the FIFA rankings, and has competed in numerous FIFA World Cups, having won four world cups throughout their history.

Italy is also home to some of the most respected football clubs in the world, including Juventus, Milan and Inter. All three of these teams have won numerous national and international titles and are considered some of the best football clubs of all time.


Football was introduced to the Argentinians in the nineteenth century by British immigrants and merchants, and has, ever since, been one of the biggest sports in the country. Argentina is home to over 2 million football fans and over 3000 football clubs. Football is, by far, the most popular participation sport in Argentina as well, and is played by Argentinians since childhood.

The Argentine national team is one of the highest ranking teams, ranked in the top 5 national football teams according to FIFA. Argentina has also produced some of the biggest and best footballers of all time, including one of today’s biggest known footballers, Lionel Messi.

Closing thoughts

Football is, by far, the biggest sport in the entire world, and will likely continue to grow in popularity worldwide. It absolutely dominates the countries in Europe and South America, where it is the uncontested most popular sport. However, it is also hugely popular in numerous African countries, such as South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, and Morocco. Football is also quite popular in the Middle East, especially in Iran, Afghanistan, and Qatar, where the 2022 World Cup will be held. The only continent where football is not the dominant sport is Northern America, specifically in the United States and Canada where American football and hockey resepctively are favored.