7 Types of Football Fan You Will Encounter

Sports fans comes in all shapes and sizes, but ste

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7 Types of Football Fan You Will Encounter

Sports fans comes in all shapes and sizes, but stereotyping people based on their fandoms can be pretty fun, so that’s what we’re going to do. As a globally popular sport, football (soccer to Americans) attracts all kinds of people, and many of them can be categorized into specific traits, depending on how they show their love for the sport.

So in this article, we present to you the 7 types of football fans you will encounter.

The American Who Calls it Soccer

If you asked this guy a long time ago to name his favourite football player, he might’ve said something like Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, or some other American football player’s name that made zero sense to you.

But somewhere along the way, he realized that “soccer” in the U.S. is called “football” around the rest of the world, and American football is basically rugby with too much padding. And now he can be found cheering for the U.S. football team like the biggest football fan in the world, when the U.S. actually makes it to the World Cup. The rest of the time, he probably doesn’t know what’s going on.

The Online Fantasy League Better

This guy is so into football, he’s a member of an online fantasy league, and actually bets on fantasy league matchups. He’ll be boasting about winning 2000 quid on the FIFA World Cup just last night, and when you point out FIFA isn’t until 2022, he’ll mumble under his breath about “fantasy league”.

On the bright side, this guy is also probably a wealth of information regarding places to make sports bets online, or play cool football-themed slot games like those on Casumo casino.

The Fanatical Countryman

Similar to the American, this guy is most interested when his own country is being represented. He’ll have an encyclopedic knowledge about his country’s team, and a ton of insults for everyone else, usually based on historical stereotypes about each country. He might not be deluded enough to think his team is invincible, but he’ll be the loudest person in the room when his team scores.

The Guy Who Really Hates the MLS

While he’ll have a list of perhaps reasonable bones to pick with MLS, such as the lack of a relegation system, the amount of vitriol he’ll spew towards the MLS will take points away from any argument he makes. He’s a hardcore European football fan, and the idea of Americans having their own league, let alone calling it a “soccer league”, is the core of his hatred. Funnily enough, over 24 million Americans play soccer, a number second only to traditional American baseball.

The Really Loud Fan

Screaming at the stadium is all part of the enjoyment of the game, but this guy takes it to a new level. He screams at the bar, he screams at your apartment, he screams in his own apartment. Overturned furniture and this guy might go hand-in-hand, whether it’s a celebratory flipping of the coffee table, or a flipping of the coffee table in utter disgust that his team is losing. And he probably dresses loudly as well, fully decked out in his team’s facepaint and jersey, even if he’s just sitting on his own couch.

The Little League Coach

This football fan coaches youth on the weekends, and thus knows more than anyone about how the game is supposed to be played. It’s all about the spirit, teamwork, and respect between players. He’s also most definitely a “couch coach”, yelling plays the team should’ve done at his television, but what makes it worse is that his little league coaching experience has swelled his ego. Because, you know, he’s a real coach who knows what he’s talking about.

The Hooligan

You might’ve been wondering when we would get around to this guy, so here he is. The eponymous Football Hooligan. He is 110% pure alpha male, and his team’s flag tattoo waves proudly whenever he flexes his biceps, which is suspiciously often.

Football hooliganism can be found all over the world. With a polo shirt, burberry cap, matching track jacket and sneakers, this guy is looking for any excuse to cause trouble. His team winning or losing just happens to be the best excuse.