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Valsport Football Boots

Valsport Football Boots


Valsport, an Italian manufacturer of football boots, first came into operation in 1920. The company was formed by the Valle family and is currently based in Padua, Italy. In recent years, Valsport’s name has become synonymous with the production of quality European football boots. The company primarily manufactures products for professional players, with many top-ranking international footballers such as Juan Pablo Angel and Chris Sutton choosing to play in Valsport boots. However, in general, Valsport’s boots are very reasonably priced and are likely to be an excellent investment for any aspiring footballer. Indeed, Valsport are keen to cater to the needs of all ages: the firm now even manufactures Velcro start boots for youngsters. Here’s the lowdown on the latest Valsport boots to hit the market.

Latest Boots

Valsport Audace

Versions Available:

  • Valsport Audace Carbon Plus Hard Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Audace Carbon Plus Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Audace RX Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Audace Soft Ground Football Boots

Valsport has described the Audace Carbon Plus range as one of its most technically-advanced creations to date. These boots have been manufactured using Valsport’s sophisticated ‘anatomic system’ technology. Boots in this range have also been designed to provide the wearer’s foot with a super-close fit whilst ensuring that he benefits from a very comfortable playing experience. Valsport Audace boots are manufactured from water repellent kangaroo leather and are strengthened through the use of ‘Kick-Grip’. The boots’ structure acts to reduce stress to the Achilles tendon whilst the strong external heel helps protect the player from injury. The Soft Ground boots display many of the favourable qualities seen in the Carbon Plus range, including Valsport’s new anatomical system. They are best suited to play which takes place on less firm ground. Additional cushioning provides continual comfort, whilst the structure of the shoe guarantees speed and stability.

Boots in this series have received a very favourable response from owners. Users have described the Valsport Audace as a boot which is “perfectly constructed for the professional player.” Nevertheless, they appear to be popular with amateurs as well as professionals. Indeed one footballer currently playing for a top European club encouraged potential buyers to bear in mind that whilst Valsport might not spend as much on advertising as other manufacturers, this did not mean that the company failed to invest substantial sums in product development. Valsport boots, he asserted, offered “the very best in shoe technology.” With such positive reviews, the Valsport Audace range is certainly worth checking out!

Valsport VS90 XTR

Versions Available:

  • Valsport VS90 XTR Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport VS90 XTR Soft Ground Football Boots

The Valsport VS90 XTR boots are some of the sleekest football boots currently on the market. They combine a lightweight design with the latest innovations to guarantee speed and performance on the pitch. The upper surface is made from water resistant leather which has been infused with micro fibres. All this means that the VS90 XTR range allows the player to attack the ball with increased pace. Finally, the boots come with a specially-designed heel which works to reduce foot strain. The VS90 XTR Firm Ground Boots are available in an eye-catching blue, whilst the VS90 XTR Soft Ground Football Boots are manufactured in black.

Users have few complaints when it comes to boots in the VS90 series. They point out that the boots in this range are both lightweight and comfortable. However, one user did admit that he was slightly put off by the fact that the VS90 XTR Firm Ground Boots came with a bright blue exterior, stating, “ You’ve got to play well in these to avoid ridicule!” However, this “beast of a boot” is unlikely to disappoint.

Valsport Green Star

Versions Available:

  • Valsport Green Star Stud Soft Ground Football Boots

Valsport Green Star Stud Soft Ground Boots combine a classic design with unparalleled comfort. These boots have been created to “generate instant touch (and) superb ball to foot feel.” As ever, Valsport researchers have designed a boot which seeks to maximise the player’s well-being. Lateral foot reinforcements ensure greater comfort and reduce strain to the most sensitive parts of the foot. Valsport Green Stars come complete with six screw-in studs and are designed primarily for use on softer turf. In addition, their lightweight soles allow for rapid movement on the pitch.

Most footballers, whether amateur or professional, rarely fault the Valsport Green Star. Users appear particularly pleased with the boots’ simplicity and Valsport’s ‘no-gimmicks’ approach when it comes to manufacturing quality merchandise. However, this is not to say that all users have had such a positive experience with Valsport football boots. One user reported finding a tear in the leather after playing in them for the first time.

Valsport Fuoriclasse

Versions Available:

  • Valsport Fuoriclasse Logica Multi Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Fuoriclasse Logica VT Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Fuoriclasse PU Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Fuoriclasse Stud Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Fuoriclasse Pro Astroturf Football Trainers
  • Valsport Fuoriclasse Pro Indoor Football Trainers
  • Valsport Fuoriclasse XC Indoor Football Trainers

The Fuoriclasse range of football boots has proved to be a permanent favourite with players of all ages.

The Valsport Fuoriclasse Logica series has been designed with the needs of the professional footballer in mind. Boots have been manufactured from ultra-light ‘K’ leather to ensure maximum flexibility and a world-class fit. Waterproof uppers maximise durability whilst double stitched Cambrelle reinforcements have been incorporated into the design of these boots to provide you with the levels of comfort you’d expect from a top-quality shoe. These boots also feature a double density PU sole which includes six studs which can be removed and five which cannot. Valsport Fuoriclasse Logica Multi Ground Football Boots can be used on a variety of surfaces and come with a classic green and black exterior. The soft ground version of the Fuoriclasse Logica is best suited to softer surfaces. Its eye-catching black and red exterior is sure to get you noticed on the pitch. It goes without saying that users have rarely complained about these lightweight, comfortable and well-crafted boots. Players have described these boots as being “good value for money, easy to clean and a dream to play in.”

If you’re looking for a Fuoriclasse boot that never fails to perform on firm ground, you’ve just got to try out the manufacturer’s PU boots. They’re made from super-soft ‘K’ leather and players can choose between a black and white or blue and white exterior. A waterproof outer coating ensures that you’ll be able to play at your best even in the wettest conditions. The PU firm ground boots have been designed to maximise ball-to-foot feel and have extra reinforcements which reduce tension to the most sensitive parts of one’s foot. As the name of these boots suggests, they also feature a state of the art PU injected Bi-Density outsole which has been specially crafted to increase grip and stability whether you’re playing on hard ground, turf or on a synthetic surface. Most users appear to be pleased with the performance of these boots. However, a few have pointed out that the black exterior scuffs easily and must be polished on a regular basis. A few other users have found that these boots aren’t the best when it comes to running across the pitch.

Valsport Fuoriclasse Stud Soft Ground Boots are unlikely to disappoint either. Manufactured from soft kangaroo leather, their cushioned design is intended to maximise players’ comfort. These boots also feature a professional-looking fold-over tongue which enhances their classic image. This range of Fuoriclasse boots comes with a lightweight double density sole and six studs which can be removed at the user’s discretion. Users have found that these boots perform well even after a few years of continual use. They’re great in wet and windy conditions and players appear to be pleased with their hard-wearing studs. However, one wearer found that the boots can take some time to mould into a shape which best suits the player’s foot.

Valsport Fuoriclasse Pro Indoor Football Trainers have been created to provide players with grip and stability on synthetic playing surfaces. These trainers have been constructed from soft calf leather and are certain to provide players with the superior levels of comfort that they have come to expect from boots designed by this Italian manufacturer. A reinforced tip acts to increase strength and durability. These trainers come with a pre-formed anti-shock EVA midsole and a rubber gum outsole which works to maximise traction on indoor surfaces. A stylish fold-over tongue completes the look of this trendy boot. Current owners of Valsport’s Fuoriclasse Indoor Football Trainers appear to be very pleased with the “professional feel” of these top-notch boots.

Valsport Una

Versions Available:

  • Valsport Una M13 Firm Ground Football Boots

Valsport Una boots have been specially designed to maximise speed, comfort and agility. The Una’s upper surface is made from state of the art micro fibres that give the boot a ‘second-skin’ feel. Boots in this range are lightweight and come with the unique Valsport Out-X coating which works to maximise ball to foot adhesion. The soles are designed to give the player as much flexibility as possible. The Valsport Una M13 comes with a 13 cleated outsole. This technology has been put in place to ensure that the player is able to rotate his or her foot easily. These boots are also very versatile: they are great on hard surfaces but perform equally well on turf too. All these features make the boots in the Valsport Una series perfect for elite players and professionals.

Valsport Proxima

Versions Available:

  • Valsport Proxima Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Valsport Proxima Soft Ground Football Boots

The Valsport Proxima series has proved popular with many footballers. The Firm Ground boots come with moulded studs whilst the Soft Ground version of the Proxima features a set of screw-in studs. Boots in this range come with a black and white exterior and feature the trademark Valsport logo in green. Whilst these boots are quite expensive – pairs are often priced at around £100 – bear in mind that they have been designed to maximise the player’s comfort, control and speed. Like the Audace and Green Star ranges, the Valsport Proxima series continues to be a favourite with users.

Valsport Trinity

Versions Available:

  • Valsport Trinity Z Firm Ground Boys Football Boots
  • Valsport Trinity Z Turf Hard Ground Boys Football Boots

The Valsport Trinity range has been manufactured to suit the needs of the youngest football players out there. Boots in this series come in bright white and blue and can be cleaned easily. They’re not only comfortable but are excellent value for money; whilst prices vary between retailers, you should still be able to nab a pair for around a mere £20.

These boots are a great choice for growing feet and both parents and children appear to be pleased with them. Indeed, the Valsport Trinity Z Firm Ground Boys Football Boots, which come with moulded studs, have been described by one youngster as “the best boots ever.”


If you’re looking for that perfect pair of reasonably-priced football boots which also have a professional feel to them, then Valsport boots are certainly worth considering. Although this manufacturer is not nearly as well known as some of its competitors, Valsport boots are as good as they get. They provide players with comfort, stability and a fit which is second to none. Valsport boots are sure to enhance your playing performance and their stylish exteriors will certainly get your noticed even on the muddiest of pitches!