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Mizuno, a Japanese manufacturer of sports gear and clothing was established in Osaka in 1906. Mizuno began its existence as an importer of American golf and baseball equipment. However, keen to develop manufacturing at home, it was not long before the company had started producing sports equipment itself. Today, Mizuno has expanded its production into a variety of different areas. The company has gained international recognition as a manufacturer of quality golf, tennis, baseball and football-related merchandise.

Mizuno has always sought to maintain close links with international professionals. In recent years many well-known footballers such as the South American superstar, Rivaldo, have chosen to play in Mizuno boots. Mizuno also manufactures the jerseys worn by the Philippines international football team. Mizuno gear has received a favourable response from other sportspeople too. In 1991, Carl Lewis broke the men’s 100 metre world record whilst wearing a pair of Mizuno running shoes and golfing legend, Tiger Woods, made use of Mizuno clubs during the early days of his career.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest Mizuno football boots to hit the market.

Latest Boots

Mizuno Morelia

Versions Available:

  • Mizuno Morelia Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Morelia Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Morelia Astroturf Football Trainers
  • Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan Moulded Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Morelia Pro Japan Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Morelia Club Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Morelia Club Moulded Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Morelia Club Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Morelia Club Astroturf Football Trainers

The Mizuno Morelia series incorporates some of the very latest developments in boot technology. First off, you’re sure to notice this boot’s classic design. The Morelia comes with a sleek exterior manufactured from fine K leather. This boot also features a professional-style fold-over tongue which ensures that players receive an impeccable fit. Its soft, cushioned interior is certain to provide you with an unparalleled level of comfort. Boots in the Mizuno Morelia range are some of the lightest football boots currently on the market. As such, they are a very popular choice amongst professional players. This boot is available in a number of specifications. The firm ground version of the Morelia comes with an ultra-light 13-stud PU moulded sole that is best suited to play which takes place on hard natural surfaces. The soft ground version of the Morelia comes with an 8-stud sole.

The Mizuno Morelia Club boasts many of the favourable features seen in the basic version of this boot. The Morelia Club has been designed for those players who’re looking for a top of the range boot at an affordable price. This boot is very comfortable and its durable exterior means that you can concentrate on your game instead of worrying about wear and tear. The Morelia Club’s stylish red, white and blue upper layer is sure to turn heads even on the muddiest of pitches!

The Pro Japan version of this boot is unlikely to disappoint either. These handcrafted boots have been manufactured from the very best K leather and are sure to provide their wearers with superior levels of comfort and agility. Interior inserts allow for maximum cushioning during play whilst heel collars allow for added protection. This boot also comes with a sturdy sole which ensures that the wearer is able to move rapidly across the pitch. There’s also a choice of soleplates. Wearers can choose between the 13-stud firm ground soleplate and the 8-stud soft ground soleplate. As the name suggests, these boots have been manufactured in Japan.

The Mizuno Morelia range has received a positive response from wearers and few appear willing to disagree with the manufacturer’s claim that these boots provide players with “instant touch, feel and flexibility.” Indeed, one player went so far as to note a marked improvement in his confidence and pitch performance after switching to the Mizuno Morelia boots. Their “simple yet considered” design seems to have been a hit with players. However, a number of wearers have noted that these boots have a tendency to rub on the ankle. Aesthetics appear to be another area of concern with one wearer pointing out that his Morelia boots were not nearly as stylish as he had hoped. Nevertheless, other wearers appear to regard the Morelia’s simple, classic design as one of its many strengths. In any case, these boots are certainly worth checking out.

Mizuno Wave Ghost

Versions Available:

  • Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker Soft Ground Football Boots

This lightweight boot from Mizuno is unlikely to disappoint. Wearers have responded particularly favourably to the Wave Ghost’s excellent fit and glove-like feel. These boots come with a specially-formulated upper layer that’s sure to provide you with superior levels of flexibility. Interior cushioning allows for increased comfort and protects the most sensitive parts of the wearer’s foot. This boot has been manufactured from quality K leather fibres. Microfibre synthetics allow for added durability. This boot performs at its best on hard ground, turf and artificial surfaces. Its stylish yellow and black exterior is sure to get you noticed even on the muddiest of pitches.

A number of retailers currently offer the Mizuno Wave Ghost boot as part of a ‘professional pack.’ This pack includes other Mizuno merchandise such as the manufacturer’s boot filler and ‘bio gear’ which is designed to keep your boots feeling as fresh as possible.

Users have responded very favourably to the Ghost Striker range. Reviewers appear to be particularly pleased with their lightweight design: they weigh a mere 215 grammes. You’ll find that these boots have been specially crafted to provide wearers with a superior fit. However, considering a pair of Ghost Striker boots will generally set you back by about £70, you ought to expect nothing less!

Mizuno Wave Shinken

Versions Available:

  • Mizuno Wave Shinken Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Wave Shinken Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Wave Shinken II Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Wave Shinken II Soft Ground Football Boots

The Mizuno Wave Shinken Series has been designed to meet the needs of the elite footballer. The Shinken comes with all the features you’d expect to find in a top of the range football boot. Mizuno left no stone unturned when it came to the development of this boot. Having identified the parts of a football boot that suffer most under stress, Mizuno’s research team set about developing its Shinken boots so as to allow them to withstand the pressures of the pitch. Changes include adjustments to stitching patterns to ensure maximum support as well as a more rigid sole for greater grip and durability. You’ll find that the redesigned sole also allows for increased pitch speed. A layer of soft cushioning provides interior foot support whilst a ‘bio-panel’ ensures better control.

The Mizuno Wave Shinken II is unlikely to disappoint either. This boot comes with many of the favourable features found in the Mizuno Shinken. However, you’ll find that the Shinken II is lighter than ever and even more durable. This boot also features specially designed instep panels which guarantee improved ball-to-foot contact whilst a reinforced sole allows for added strength. These boots are sure to perform whatever the playing conditions.

The Mizuno Wave Shinken boots are available in a variety of specifications to suit your playing needs. The firm ground versions of these boots are best suited to hard ground action whilst the soft ground boots feature a sole design that has been designed for play that takes place over less firm surfaces.

Wearers have responded fairly positively to the Mizuno Wave Shinken boots with www.footy-boots.com describing them as “serious football boot(s) for serious players.” Wearers have praised the Shinken’s aesthetics and have noted that they provide a high level of comfort. The Shinken’s quality kangaroo skin upper has also received considerable praise. However, all wearers have not responded as positively. According to one wearer, they’re the sort of boots you’re “either going to love or hate.” Some users have criticised the Shinken’s stud configuration and have described Mizuno’s much-hyped ‘Bio-Panel’ as a “fairly rigid and inflexible” insert. Nevertheless, given its many positive features, this boot is certainly worth checking out.

Mizuno Incision

Versions Available:

  • Mizuno Incision II Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno Incision II Soft Ground Football Boots

If you’re hunting for a quality football boot at an affordable price, then the Mizuno Incision range is certainly worth a look. These boots come with a sturdy sole for added durability as well as a strong upper layer made from synthetic fibres. Cushioned inserts located at the sides of the shoe provide the wearer with added comfort. The interior of the shoe has also been designed to keep unwanted moisture to a minimum. The Mizuno Incision II comes with a smart pearl white and red exterior that is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Mizuno MRL Club

Versions Available:

  • Mizuno MRL Club Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Mizuno MRL Club Soft Ground Football Boots

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Mizuno boots then you’re probably aware of how comfortable this manufacturer’s shoes are. The Mizuno MRL Club Series is no exception. Boots in this range have been specially designed to minimise pressure on the foot during play. These boots also come with a moulded polyurethane outer sole for added on-pitch traction. The MRL Club’s sturdy synthetic upper layer is firm and durable. Best of all, you’ll find that these boots are a great bargain, generally priced under £30.

Mizuno Futbol Sala

Versions Available:

  • Mizuno Futbol Sala Astroturf II Football Trainers

Mizuno’s Futbol Sala boots have been designed to meet the needs of those players who specialise in the five-a-side version of the game. With the growing popularity of this sport, demand for such shoes has increased dramatically in recent years and Mizuno’s researchers have gone the extra mile to ensure that their customers are provided with a quality product. If you’re looking for a comfortable and durable boot, then the Mizuno Futbol Sala is sure to suit your needs. It comes with a number of favourable features including a cushioned interior and mesh inserts for added comfort. These boots’ sturdy non-marking rubber sole has been designed to provide its wearer with both “grip” and “freedom of foot.” They’re sure to provide you with the agility required if one is to excel at indoor soccer. These boots also come with an upper layer that has been specially designed to maximise touch and ball-to-foot contact. The Astroturf version of these boots is best suited to play which takes place on artificial surfaces. These boots are available in a variety of different colours and their bright exteriors are sure to get you noticed!

Mizuno Libre Sala

Versions Available:

  • Mizuno Libre Sala Football Trainers

Mizuno Libre Sala football boots are another great option for those looking for a top of the line purchase for five-a-side football. These boots are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also feature the very latest innovations from Mizuno. Interior cushioning provides additional comfort whilst a carefully crafted sole ensures maximum grip and traction. Users can choose between two different exteriors: orange and white or black and yellow.


Mizuno’s current range of football boots combines stylish aesthetics with state of the art technical designs that are sure to please even the most hardened footballers out there. These boots are not only durable and comfortable but they’ve been manufactured from some of the finest materials available. However, you don’t need to be a professional to benefit from the Mizuno experience. This year, the Japanese manufacturer has introduced a number of highly-affordable boots into its line, making Mizuno a great choice for all footballers, whatever their skill level and budget.