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Kelme Football Boots

Kelme Football Boots


Kelme, a Spanish manufacturer of football boots and running shoes, was founded by Diego and José Quiles in 1977. The company is currently based in Elche, a town in Spain’s Alicante province.

Over the last thirty years, the firm has grown substantially and it now has offices and branches worldwide. Kelme football boots have been very popular with professional footballers – a reflection of the manufacturer’s high standards and continued attention to detail in all aspects of the production process. Players who have worn Kelme boots include the popular La Liga and Liverpool right back, Josemi and the RCD Mallorca footballer, Daniel Gonzalez Guiza, who wears the Kelme Master boot. These days, however, Kelme is involved in a lot more than the manufacture of sports footwear. Between 1980 and 2006, the company sponsored a cycling team which went on to win a number of European titles.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest offerings from Kelme.

Latest Boots

Kelme Tiburon

Version Available:

  • Kelme Tiburon Stealth – Shark Skin – TRX Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Tiburon Stealth – Shark Skin – PU Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Tiburon Stealth SI Soft Ground Football Boot

The Kelme Tiburon Series features some of the most innovative creations from this world-class designer. The Kelme Tiburon Shark Skin range is aimed at professional and elite players. The Tiburon is the first boot to have ever been manufactured from untanned shark skin.

Shark skin is one of the toughest materials from which one could fashion a football boot. Some estimates suggest that it is 7 to 11 times stronger than standard leathers. Dermal denticles, small, crisscrossing teeth-like structures in the shark skin, give this boot its added strength. According to retailers, these denticles make these boots “as strong as concrete and as tough as steel.” In addition, the rough texture of shark skin means that these boots allow for increased traction.

You’ll also find that these superior boots are water-repellent and substantially lighter than other football boots currently available on the market. The TRX firm ground boot comes with an outsole that is designed to maximise surface contact and features “biomechanically engineered” stud placement. A soft ground version of this boot is also available and prices for all boots start at around £100. Given its formidable specification, it’s hardly surprising that few users have complained about the Kelme Tiburon Stealth series.

Kelme Infinito

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Infinito Traction Football Boots

The Kelme Infinito is another example of a top of the range boot from this Spanish company. It is manufactured from extra-supple Kangaroo leather. The area around the interior vamp comes with a number of ball-control centres which allow for improved ball passing and handling. The latest versions of the Kelme Infinito also feature a redesigned outsole to maximise grip and traction. Kelme Infinito Traction Football Boots are designed for use on firm ground, Astroturf and other artificial surfaces. This boot also comes with a classic black and white exterior that is unlikely to go out of fashion. The Kelme Infinito is primarily aimed at professional players.

Kelme Master

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Master Soft Ground Football Boots

This boot has been manufactured from a single piece of soft ‘K’ leather and provides players with a glove-like fit. However, Kelme Master boots are also known for their strength and durability. These boots can be expected to perform to the highest of standards even in tough outdoor conditions.

The Kelme Master incorporates into its design the very latest innovations in boot technology. As such, these boots are certain to enhance your on-pitch performance. A ‘Contact-Grip Vamp’ allows for increased ball-striking rates, acceleration and accuracy. In addition, this boot’s phylon insole has been specially designed to disperse weight and shock impact across the entirety of the player’s foot, thereby allowing the wearer to experience the high level of comfort you’d expect from a professional boot. The Kelme Master Soft Ground boot features six screw-in studs which provide the player with maximum traction and stability. This boot comes with an attractive blue and white exterior that is bound to get you noticed even on the muddiest of pitches.

Kelme Master Infinito

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Master Infinito Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Master Infinito TRX4 Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Master Infinito PU Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Master Infinito Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Master Infinito SI Soft Ground Football Boot

If you’re looking for a superior boot with a classic silhouette, then the Kelme Master Infinito is unlikely to leave you disappointed. Boots in this series are designed to provide players with maximum power and stability. This boot has been manufactured from the softest kangaroo leather and comes with ‘Contact Grip’ insoles. A phylon outsole allows for increased cushioning and comfort. Wearers can choose from a number of different soleplates. Fixed studs in the PU Firm Ground boot make this boot well-suited to hard ground action. The soft ground version of the Kelme Master Infinito features removable screw-in studs.

These boots also come in a range of colours from a striking combination of black, white and red to a more classy white and gold. Kelme Master Infinito boots have received a very positive response from their wearers, particularly in terms of size and fit: 80% of users found that boots in this range were true to size. According to its retailers, these boots are another great example of “Spanish expertise.” Given the Master Infinito’s formidable specification, you’re unlikely to be left displeased.

Kelme Master Serena

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Master Serena Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Master Serena TF Jr

The Kelme Serena boot has been manufactured from luxurious full-grain calf leather. The boot features Kelme’s Contact Grip system, which is designed to improve ball handling and increase ball to foot adhesion. An external heel counter acts to maximise the player’s stability even when performing on hostile surfaces. The Kelme Master Serena comes with a PU outsole that features 15 bladed studs. These super-strong studs have been specially designed to maximise grip. The Kelme Master Serena is best suited to play which takes place on firm ground, turf or synthetic surfaces. In general, users appear to be pleased with this boot. The junior version of this boot has also proved popular.

Kelme Euro

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Euro Soft Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Euro PU Firm Ground Football Boots

According to retailers, the Kelme Euro is a “superb pro-standard football boot.” This boot is designed to allow the player to maximise his or her speed, flexibility and agility on the pitch. However, this does not mean that the manufacturer has compromised on comfort. Additional insulation is provided by an interior Cambrelle layer and a removable phylon insole.

The Kelme Euro boot comes with an upper layer which has been manufactured from the very best ‘K’ leather and provides wearers with a fit which is second to none. The soft ground version of the Kelme Euro features a 6-stud soleplate. The 12-stud PU soleplate has been specially crafted to increase the player’s traction and braking power, and is best suited to play which takes place on firm ground or turf.

Kelme Champion

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Champion Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Champion TRX Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Champion PU Firm Ground Football Boots
  • Kelme Champion SI Soft Ground Football Boots

If you’re looking for an affordable boot which performs to a professional standard, then the Kelme Champion is certainly worth checking out. The Kelme Champion follows the same silhouette as boots in this producer’s more professional ranges.

This boot has been constructed from super-soft nappa leather. Double line integrated stitching provides added strength and durability, whilst side lacing allows the player to benefit from superior levels of comfort. This boot comes with a choice of soleplates. The PU Firm ground boots feature a fixed PU moulded soleplate, while the Kelme Champion SI comes with a 6-stud lightweight soleplate. This boot appears to have received a positive response from wearers, the majority of whom appear to be particularly pleased with its affordability and sleek design.

Kelme Casta

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Casta Indoor Football Trainers

Whilst indoor football is only really pursued by amateurs in the United Kingdom, this sport has become increasingly popular in Europe in recent years. Known on the continent as Futsal, the game has attracted a huge fan base, with numerous leagues in operation.

Given the popularity of this branch of football, it should come as little surprise that the Spanish manufacturer’s researchers have devoted much time and effort to the creation of a top-quality Indoor Football boot. Kelme Casta Indoor Football Trainers have been specially designed to meet the needs of those players who specialise in Indoor Football. They come with lightweight non-marking soles and additional interior insulation to ensure that the wearer benefits from superior levels of comfort. According to retailers, this boot is likely to be a sound investment regardless of whether you’re a professional or amateur player.

Kelme Ruedo

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Ruedo Indoor Football Trainers

The Ruedo is another state of the art Indoor Football boot from Kelme. In the UK, this boot is available in half sizes from 5.5 to 11. Like the other boots in Kelme’s Indoor Football range, it comes with a non-marking sole. This lightweight boot has also been designed to maximise the player’s power and stability. The Ruedo comes with an attractive white and gold exterior.

Kelme Javi Rodriguez

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Javi Rodriguez Pro Indoor Football Trainer

This Indoor Football boot from Kelme is named after the star of European Futsal, Javi Rodriguez. In November 2007, Rodriguez captained the Spanish side to a fourth successive European title, beating the Italians 3-1 in Oporto. This state of the art boot has been manufactured from a combination of mesh and synthetic leather fibres. The outsole is crafted from durable, non-marking rubber. A cushioned interior layer maximises player comfort whilst a specially moulded perforated insole ensures that foot perspiration is kept to a minimum.

This boot has received a particularly strong response from its European fans, many of whom have praised the unique features of the Javi Rodriguez boot. This boot is available in a variety of colours: ranging from an eye-catching orange to a more reserved blue. If you want to emulate the achievements of one of Spain’s most stylish Futsal stars, then what better way to start than with the very boot he endorses?

Kelme Garra

Versions Available:

  • Kelme Garra M27 PU Multi Ground Football Boots

If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive football boot, then be sure to check out the Kelme Garra. This boot features a sturdy full-grain leather upper and a quilted vamp which maximises ball to foot adhesion. Meanwhile, cushioned interiors ensure that the wearer’s feet are kept comfortable. The Kelme Garra boot comes with a sole that has been manufactured from a super-strong synthetic material known as Durable Polyurethane. The M27 Multi Ground boots perform well in a variety of environments ranging from hard ground to indoor surfaces, and come with a classic black and white exterior which is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.


Kelme certainly produces some of the most stylish football boots currently available on the market. However, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this manufacturer’s boots are all style without substance! Kelme football boots allow wearers to benefit from the very latest developments in shoe technology at a price that’s tailored to your budget. Clearly, with this manufacturer, there’s something for everyone.