Side-Volley Pass

Side-Volley PassThe side-volley pass is a kind of

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Side-Volley Pass

Side-Volley Pass

The side-volley pass is a kind of volley used to direct the ball to another player when it’s received just below waist height. A player can pass the ball without needing to stop it and risk intervention from the opposition.

A good side-volley pass uses the instep of the foot to connect squarely with the ball. As with all volleys, accuracy is very important and they can be hard to control. The ball will be moving quite quickly so timing is of the essence. A mistimed shot will result in an embarrassing mis-kick, as well as loss of the ball.

Other points to consider:

  • One’s weight should be firmly on the non-kicking foot, which will act as a pivot for the kicking leg.
  • The hips are used to provide power in the swing.
  • As contact is made, it is vital to follow through to ensure a clean finish. Keep your arms out to stabilise yourself.
  • Aim to send the ball away at about the same height it came in. Misplaced kicks can leave it flying wildly through the air.

Because it is so frequently required, the side-volley pass ought to be learned and perfected by each member of a team. Well-used, it adds fluency and finesse to their whole game.