The Throw-In

The Throw-InThe throw-in is a way of restarting pl

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The Throw-In

The Throw-In

The throw-in is a way of restarting play after a player has touched the ball immediately before it goes over one of the sidelines. The linesman will put his flag up and the throw is taken by a member of the opposite team.

The rules of the throw-in are clearly stated by FIFA.

  • The ball has to be held above or behind the head of the thrower. He mustn’t cross the line, although he can be on it, and he must use both hands.
  • All other players must stand at least 2 metres away from him, irrespective of which side they’re on.
  • You can’t score from a throw-in!
  • After the throw-in has been taken the thrower is forbidden to touch the ball until somebody else has done so.

Good throwing technique will focus on distance and accuracy. The priorities of a thrower will be different depending on whereabouts in the field he takes his throw.

  • A player should start with the ball firmly grasped behind his head.
  • It is permitted to take a small run-up to the line and where distance is required this is useful.
  • As he prepares to let go, a player ought to arch his back so that his whole upper body can spring forward and propel the ball.
  • He follows through to be as accurate as possible.