Football Fitness

Football FitnessKeeping fit and healthy is an impo

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Football Fitness

Football Fitness

Keeping fit and healthy is an important part of football as is learning the rules of the game. Here is a list of pages that might help you in your quest to become fitter and to know the ins and outs.


  • Fitness Regime – As we all know getting fit is good in every day life but being fit enough to play sport is a different matter. To get fit enough for the game then you have to put in the hours on the training pitch. Here are a few tips that’ll help get you going.
  • We have a page which gives an overview to a Footballers Diet and we also have a page dedicated to the science being the Football Diet. Both pages are there to help you give the right foods into your body as well as what liquids are best. Note: Not Cola-Cola which I used to use when playing – Lucozade Sport was a lot better!
  • Warm-up – Before you get to the kick off you’ll need to have a good and thorough warm-up. Getting those muscles prepared for the exertion that you are about to put them through is vital to be at your very best and to help avoid injuries.
  • Cool Down – After a game you’ll see a lot of players come back out on to the field around twenty minutes after the full-time whistle. They do this to cool down the body. This is important as it helps transition the body from an exercise to a non-exercise state. By doing this it helps avoid muscle stiffness and injury.