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Asics Sportswear was established in 1949 in Kobe, Japan. The company was the brainchild of the businessman and entrepreneur, Kihatchiro Onitsuka. Onitsuka founded Asics in the hope that it would one day become a manufacturer of world class sports shoes, clothing and equipment. Today, that dream has been realised. Asics now produces footwear for activities ranging from football, tennis and martial arts, to cheerleading.

The philosophy behind Asics’ merchandise has been greatly influenced by the Latin phrase which, when turned into an acronym, gives the company its name: “anima sana in corpore sano.” Loosely translated, this means “healthy soul, healthy body.” As such, Asics’ marketing campaign has emphasised the ability of the company’s products to promote physical as well as mental well-being.

Asics’ success in manufacturing sportswear has certainly not gone unnoticed by the firm’s competitors. In 2006, the company’s profits totalled an impressive 171 billion yen. Asics’ principal market is Japan. However, in recent years, the company has attempted to increase sales in both Europe and North America.

Asics maintains strong links with a number of professional sports teams and athletes. The company was an official sponsor of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. National teams and players fortunate enough to have received sponsorship from Asics include the Madagascar national football team and the Espindola footballer, Julio Cesar Soares.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest Asics football boots to hit the market.

Latest Boots

Asics Testimonial

Versions Available:
Asics Testimonial Soft Ground Football Boots
Asics Testimonial Firm Ground Football Boots

If you’re looking for a professional football boot with a truly classic feel, then the Asics testimonial football boot is sure to meet your needs. This shoe comes with a state of the art upper layer which has been manufactured from quality K leather. The Testimonial’s sophisticated design ensures that the user benefits from unparalleled levels of touch, movement and agility.

Lateral reinforcements provide support for the most sensitive parts of the foot and reduce the risk of injury. You won’t be disappointed with the Testimonial’s fit either. This boot comes with a professional fold over tongue which, according to manufacturers, “offers a cleaner strike area.” Traditional centre lacing gives the Testimonial a timeless feel.

Players can choose between two different soleplates. The soft ground boot features a Pebax exchangeable 6 studded sole which is designed for soft surface action. This boot comes with a classic black and white exterior that’s unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. You’ll find that the firm ground version of the Testimonial comes complete with a multi-studded PU outsole, making it a superb choice for play which takes place on hard ground, turf or artificial surfaces. This boot is available in a white and navy blue colour scheme.

Users appear to have responded positively to these boots, describing them as durable, lightweight and “just simply amazing”. One reviewer even went so far as to suggest that his pair of Asics Testimonials were the best football boots he’d ever worn, stating: “If you fancy yourself as a midfield ball winner who likes to dribble, pass and cross the ball like (B)ecks, then these are the boots (you’re) after.” Given the Testimonial’s formidable price tag – a pair will generally set you back about £90 – you should not have to settle for anything less!

Asics Tigreor

Versions Available:
Asics Tigreor Soft Ground Football Boots
Asics Tigreor Firm Ground Football Boots

The Asics Tigreor is another quality football boot from this Japanese manufacturer. It is comfortable, easy to clean and is sure to provide you with an impeccable fit. The Tigreor’s lightweight design is certain to impress. This boot also comes with a choice of soleplates, so footballers can choose the boots which best suit the playing conditions. Both soleplates are guaranteed to provide users with excellent levels of foot to ground contact. A specially crafted 10mm. interior wedge allows this boot to reduce leg strain. Additional protection and support is provided by a moulded heel counter. These boots are also extremely durable. Boots in this range come with a striking azure blue and white exterior that’s sure to get you noticed, regardless of the playing conditions.

Given their design and appearance, you will not be surprised to learn that these boots have received a positive response from consumers. Users appear to be particularly pleased with their light and comfortable design. If you’re looking for a pair of football boots which come with a unique design, then the Asics Tigreor range is certainly worth checking out!

Asics Lethal Tigreor

Versions Available:
Asics Lethal Tigreor TD Firm Ground Football Boots
Asics Lethal Tigreor TD Soft Ground Football Boots

If you’re looking for a quality football boot that incorporates the very best features of the Asics Tigreor boot but also has an affordable price tag, then don’t look any further. This boot boasts a sleek synthetic leather upper that has been specifically designed to resist wear and tear. A quilted vamp and off-centre lacing increases the quality of this stylish shoe. This boot also comes with a moulded EVA midsole, which provides additional support.

Furthermore, a carefully designed outsole ensures that the user is able to maintain superior running speeds and maximise his on-pitch agility. This boot doesn’t compromise on comfort either. The Lethal Tigreor comes with external PU heel counters, which ensure that the user’s feet are kept as comfortable as possible.

In recent years, the company has been at the forefront of research into injury-prevention innovations in football footwear. The Asics Lethal Tigreor range incorporates many of these recent developments, such as the use of foam support inserts.

This boot comes in two different specifications, allowing you to choose the football boot which is best suited to your playing environment. The firm ground version of this boot is best suited to hard ground or turf action whilst the soft ground boot is guaranteed to perform on soft to medium surfaces. These boots come complete with a striking blue, white and red exterior.

Users appear to be satisfied with these affordable, hardwearing boots. According to one reviewer, they’re the sort of boots which guarantee a player’s success, “regardless of age or position.”

Asics Lethal DS

Versions Available:
Asics Lethal DS Firm Ground Football Boots
Asics Lethal DS Soft Ground Football Boots

These boots are designed to meet the requirements of professional competitive footballers. The Lethal DS football boot comes with a lightweight synthetic upper layer that’s both stylish and strong. Users have found that these boots effectively resist wear and tear. A cushioned interior ensures that you’re provided with superior levels of comfort.

Additional features include a Solyte midsole which allows for added foot support. The Asics Lethal DS football boot also features a 10 mm. wedge that acts to alleviate leg strain. Furthermore, special insets located at the back of the shoe minimise pressure to the most sensitive parts of the user’s foot. The Asics Lethal DS football boot has been designed to improve your running and pitch agility. This boot comes with a specifically designed flex point across the toe, which provides the boot with added flexibility, allowing players to respond quickly to the actions of other players. Increased flexibility is also provided by the Lethal DS’ rigid mid-foot.

This boot comes with a choice of eye-catching exteriors. Users can also choose from a variety of alloy-studded soleplates specifically designed to suit different playing conditions. The Lethal DS’ tough, durable outsole makes it an excellent option for elite and professional players who take to the pitch on a regular basis.

Asics Gel

Versions Available:
Asics Gel Lethal Firm Ultimate Firm Ground Football Boot
Asics Gel Lethal Hybrid 2 Football Boot
Asics Gel Lethal Club Football Boot
Asics Gel Lethal 10 Football Boot
Asics Gel Blackheath GS Junior Football Boot

This state of the art Gel Lethal range from Asics incorporates some of the very latest developments in boot technology. The Asics Gel Lethal Ultimate boot comes with a super soft kangaroo leather exterior and biomorphic lacing, which ensures that the boot provides users with an impeccable fit. Added interior grip is provided by a sockliner that has been strengthened through the use of an Ex-grip Rubber technology.

The Gel Lethal Ultimate also features a lightweight PU outsole, which maximises traction and agility. This football boot comes in two colours and in a variety of widths, which ensure a “glove-like” fit. According to recent reviews, this shoe has become a firm favourite with football fans.

The Gel Lethal Hybrid Football Boot is a great option for those players looking for a versatile shoe. This boot comes with two sets of removable studs, allowing the user to modify the shoe to suit the playing conditions. However, this shoe also comes with a number of other desirable features. These include a sturdy Solyte midsole for added flexibility and a quality PU outsole which has been designed to maximise durability. Users can choose between two striking colour schemes: red, white and grey or blue, white and grey.

The Gel Lethal Club football boot from Asics comes with a specifically designed PU outsole, which has been designed to maximise player manoeuvrability and agility. A compression moulded EVA midsole further enhances player flexibility. This boot also features a synthetic leather upper and gusseted tongue which not only enhances fit and comfort but also gives this boot a professional feel. This boot is sure to provide you with unparalleled levels of comfort. The Gel Lethal Club comes with added interior cushioning and foam inserts.

The Gel Lethal 10 boot from Asics was released to mark the 10th anniversary of Asics’ gel footwear range. It comes with many of the features evident in Asics’ other gel football boots. These include a 10 mm. heel gradient and specifically designed toe strips, which are certain to maximise ball to foot contact. Like the other boots in the Gel Lethal range, this boot features a PU outsole with a multi-function cleat pattern, which allows you to use the shoe on various surfaces. Interior cushioning and a quality SpEVA midsole ensure that your feet are left feeling comfortable, even at the end of a long day of training. This shoe comes with a stylish black, white and blue exterior.

The Asics Gel Blackheath boot is a great option for growing feet. It comes with many of the favourable features seen in the adult gel range. However, its carefully formulated design ensures that it meets the needs of the youngest footballers playing the game. This boot comes with a multi-studded outsole for increased grip, as well as specialised ‘push-off’ studs which give your child increased traction.

This shoe comes with an eye-catching black, red and gunmetal grey exterior. A gusseted tongue provides a professional finish. Users have found these boots to be very durable and whilst their price puts them at the higher end of the junior football boots market, they’re certainly an option worth considering for your child.


Regardless of what you’re after, you’re bound to find a pair of Asics football boots which meet your needs. Asics’ latest range of quality footwear allows users to benefit from the very latest developments in shoe technology at a price that’s tailored to low budgets. They provide players with comfort, stability and a fit which is second to none. Asics boots are sure to enhance your playing performance and their stylish exteriors will certainly get you noticed, even on the muddiest of pitches! As one Asics fan put it: “Go on (and) take the Asics plunge!”