World Football Records

Football is not only an interesting and striking s

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World Football Records

Football is not only an interesting and striking spectacle, but also a sport rich in various records. Read about the most interesting and sometimes unexpected achievements below.


Such events can happen by chance (for example, the fastest removal from the field) or be the result of a long and painstaking honing of skills (the largest number of goals in a career, etc.). The athletes themselves sometimes admitted that they did not know how they did it. With the help of GGBet sports predictions, you can set your records by winning large sums by placing bets. Consider a list of officially recognized and most memorable triumphs, as well as curious moments.

Farthest goal, including a header

2013 made Stoke City goalkeeper Begovic famous. During the match against Southampton, he managed to score from the penalty area, at a distance of 91.9 m from the opponent's goal. From such a distance, no one has ever succeeded.

In 2011, the midfielder of the Norwegian "Odd Grenland" Jone Samuelson in the game with "Tromso" hit the opponent's goal with a header. It happened in extra time when Tromso, in a desperate attempt to snatch victory, went on the attack with the whole squad. The record holder dashed their hopes with a winning goal at a distance of 57.32 meters.

Interesting! The football player admitted in an interview that he had not thought about such tactics in advance, and everything happened by chance.

Fastest goal

Russian athlete Mikhail Osinov scored a goal in 2.68 seconds in the match of the Novocherkassk team "MITOS" against "Olympia". However, experts' assessments differ: you can find statements that the ball went into the goal after 2 seconds.

The fastest removal from the field

The absolute record set in 1990 in the Bologna-Parma match belongs to Giuseppe Lorenzo. The Italian striker turned out to be very unrestrained and in the 10th second of the first half he hit one of the opponents in the face, after which he was immediately expelled from the arena.

The strongest blow

The Brazilian player Hulk (now playing in one of the Chinese clubs) is recognized as the owner of the most powerful shots on the ball. The glory of the strongest athlete has been attached to him since 2011. As part of the Portuguese "Porto" against "Shakhtar" from Donetsk, he sent the ball, which flew into the goal at an incredible speed - 214 km/h, from a penalty distance of 34 meters. The goalkeeper was powerless against such a hurricane.

The second contender for this achievement is the German Lukas Podolski. In the game between Germany and Australia (2010), he managed to throw the ball at a speed of 201 km / h from the shortest distance, 16 meters.

Fastest goal since coming off the bench

The record was set by Danish striker Niklas Bendtner. In the Arsenal-Tottenham match in 2007: just 6 seconds after his appearance, he successfully converted a goal from a corner position.

Fastest penta trick

For the uninitiated, let's explain that these are 5 goals scored by one player during the match. The laurels of the championship went to the Pole Robert Lewandowski. Acting as a striker for Bayern against Wolfsburg in 2015, he managed to hit the opponent's goal 5 times in just 9 minutes.

Most career goals

The legendary Pele is recognized as the undisputed record holder in this nomination. Playing on the fields of South and North America, he achieved an amazing result - 1279 hits against opponents.

Longest dry streak

The authorship of the achievement belongs to the Spanish goalkeeper Abel Resino. Considered a fairly average goalkeeper, in 1990 he managed to hit all the balls over 14 rounds, which amounted to 1255 minutes. So far, his record has not been broken.

The fastest player

The championship in this category has changed hands many times. In 2018, the laurels went to the Spaniard Adama Traore, who plays in Wolverhampton, he showed the highest speed in the world, 36 km/h. However, judging by the statistics, this is his only achievement, since in general he is characterized by a very weak game on the field.

Most red cards in one match

A sad record was set during a sharp confrontation between the Argentinean clubs Claypole and Victorano Arensa. The situation escalated to the limit: fans, coaches and even a medical team joined the fight between the players.

Judge Damian Rubino tried to stop the carnage, but was powerless. When his patience ran out, he began to remove everyone from the arena. As a result, the teams received a total of 36 cards. The game was left by 22 members of the main team, not counting the substitutes.

Most goals scored by a single player in a World Cup

The highest achievement was recorded during the world tournament in 1958. Frenchman Just Fontaine achieved an incredible result of 13 goals. Given the complexity of the competition, this event remains one of the most notable in the history of football.

5 consecutive Champions League Cups

The most titled team in the prestigious cup was and remains Real Madrid. Since 1955, there are 11 victories in his collection, this is an absolute record. Note that only five clubs have achieved success in this difficult tournament.

Most scoring game in history

The event, which is so called, took place in 2002, during the game "Adema" - "Stade Olympique l'Emirne". The players of Stade Olympique l'Amirne took to the field in the darkest mood, dissatisfied with the actions of the referee in the previous meeting, as he did not leave them a chance for the championship title. As a sign of protest, the athletes, in front of the discouraged fans, began to score goals against their own goals. This went on for 90 minutes until the final whistle. The score reached the astronomical figure of 149:0.

The Madagascar Football Federation did not leave this story unpunished: the coach and several football players were suspended.

Most goals scored internationally

Today, the Iranian Ali Daei is recognized as an unsurpassed master. For 13 years he played in 149 games for the national team and managed to convert 109 goals. At home, he is revered as the greatest footballer.

Records become either a natural result of a long work on oneself, or a combination of circumstances. In any case, these are the most interesting moments of the games that have already gone down in history. Such events undoubtedly contribute to the popularity of football and increase the prestige of players who have achieved high results.