Why the Premier League is the Best Football League in Europe

There has been much debate over the years regardin

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Why the Premier League is the Best Football League in Europe

There has been much debate over the years regarding which football league is the best in Europe. The title has probably changed hands on many occasions, but as we stand now, the best league in Europe is the Premier League.

In terms of European honours, Premier League teams are often fighting it out in the latter stages of them, and with Liverpool winning the Champions League in 2019, an all-Premier League final, we have seen the league have success.

There is a lot of focus on the Premier League, with big TV deals, some of the best players in the world and a huge betting market in operation. You only have to look at the betting new customer offers that surround the Premier League to see how popular this is.

On top of all this focus, here is why the league is also the best in Europe.

The Biggest Teams and Players

The fact is that many of the biggest names in Europe play in the Premier League. Yes, they don’t have all the stars, but they do have a number of them.

On top of this, some of the biggest, richest and most history filled teams are also in the Premier League. These are teams who spend big money each season to attract players, they are the teams who have been at the fore in Europe for many years and have a history of winning titles.

If someone asked you to name the biggest football teams in the world, many would turn to the Premier League and name a couple of the teams from that league.

Depth Below the Big Teams

When you look at the upcoming Premier League games, no results are guaranteed. The reason for this is all down to the depth that we have in the league, something that nowhere else can compete with.

If you put together the 10th best team in the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga, the chances are that the 10th best Premier League team would come out on top. Do the same with those in the bottom half of the table and even the teams that suffer relegation, the thought is that the Premier League would come out on top in all of those.

The strength in depth that the league has away from the top clubs is a big reason why it is seen as the best in Europe. Games are harder for the big clubs to win, we have no free passes in England like you may see elsewhere.

Teams such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus can all afford to have a day off, and still win their game if they play one of the lower teams in their league.

If Manchester City or Liverpool do that in England, there is every chance that they will be beaten.

Not being allowed a day off by the highly competitive lower clubs in the league ensure that the Premier League is seen as the best league in Europe.