Why is fantasy football so addictive?

The game of fantasy football is made up of the Nat

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Why is fantasy football so addictive?

The game of fantasy football is made up of the National Football League, Canadian Football League and maybe College Football. You can play fantasy football in daily games or you can play a season long game. The game of fantasy football dates back to the early 60’s and the Alumni Football League was created in 1989 by eight friends from the University of Scranton. This is not the only two memorable events that ushered in the birth of fantasy football. There are other notable milestones in the history of fantasy football.

The fantasy football games are played in different leagues, although the most popular of the leagues is the head-to-head league and the total points league. Other types of leagues are the All play league, Keeper style league Salary cap league, Auction league, Dynasty league, Two-quarterback league, Empire league, SuperFlex league, Individual Defensive league, Pirate league.

In the head-to-head league different fantasy football teams will play one another every week. Whichever team wins will receive the highest points for each week played. The scoring system adapted could be custom designed by the league or standard designed by the website. The team with the best points in terms of wins-losses moves on to the playoffs. In the event of a tie, i.e. two teams have the same number of points at the end of the league season, a tiebreaker will be introduced but this will be based on the preference of the league. The Total points league functions by the overall points which a team gets at the end of the league. Where each team will stand at the end of the league is determined by their total points.

Recalling the different football leagues from which fantasy football derives its play, you would be referring to one of the most watched and followed competitions in the world, The Super Bowl. In 2015, over 114 million people watched the Super Bowl, 2018 had 103.4 million people watching the game while in 2019 there were 98.2 million people watching. The watching of the game isn’t just restricted to fans all for the love of football, but wagers placed by millions of individuals is another reason fans were glued. Just like watching the reels on online slots, fans watched to know if they where smiling to the bank or faced with placing better wagers next year.

The addiction to fantasy football also spins from this game. Just like placing a wager on the Super Bowl, there are so many fantasy football leagues and competitions out there where fans and players can place wagers on daily picks. All over the United States of America there are millions of leagues which fans can bet on. The above listed leagues are just some of the ones reported and the original number exceeds it by far. The number of players in the fantasy sports league are over 56.8 million in the United States and Canada. This number consists of majorly millennials who spend on average $465 a year on fantasy sports. The most popular game play in fantasy sport is football.

Fantasy football gives players the ability to create their dream team. We all have the teams which we are loyal to in real life but there are some players in those teams which we would love to trade. There are also some players in other teams which we would love to bring into ours. Well, fantasy football is an avenue to make this happen. You can to pick your players and manage the team the way you want. Gone are the days of shouting play guides at your television screen, you can implement them on your own team managed by you.

The ability to win some nice chunk of change also makes fantasy football addictive to players. There are millions of leagues out there which engage in competitions where real money is on the table. Managers of different fantasy teams can join in to win the pot, i.e. if your team is as good as you have made it. This is one reason why players compete in this leagues year after year. In addition there is bragging rights. Yeah, winning money is great motive but having a title like Bill Belichick does, that is a dream come true.

Fantasy football is also another great way to by which team managers stay distracted from every other issue going on around them. Watching your team players in play is a great way to keep yourself engaged. Fantasy football managers keep themselves glued to the screens why their fate hangs in the balance during plays like a touchdown and what players like Tom Brady would do. Watching the games in real life like Sunday afternoon is another great past time for fantasy football managers. The satisfaction of seeing you team members win a match is so addictive.

The power to make all decisions and take yourself to the top. Although fantasy football isn’t real, most team managers find it as a great way to own and hold control over something in their lives. Even when everything else around you isn’t falling in line how you want it to, you have complete control over your team. Add this to winning your league and most managers play again and again, as winning is addictive.

When you throw in complete control of the plays and decisions of a team, the possibility of winning real money if you emerge as the winner of a league, the ability to create the football team of your dreams, participating in a draft pick, you have a combination of complete addiction. In no way do we support addicts, but we just showed you just why fantasy football has gripped many fans. Playing the leagues for fun is a great way to learn about strategies, plays, players but like all things it has its downsides. Either way, if you have never tried fantasy football, give it a shot and lets know what you think.