Why Are Online Casinos More Profitable for New Players Than Sports Betting?

As the online gambling frenzy is taking over the w

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Why Are Online Casinos More Profitable for New Players Than Sports Betting?

As the online gambling frenzy is taking over the world, there are more players who are willing to open an account at an online casino and test their luck. There is also a rising trend of online casinos that also include a sports betting section, and vice versa. But a question remains for new players - which option is better for newbies? At the moment, new online customers will find that playing at an online casino is more profitable, and below, you can see why.

Better Payout

For new players, it’s important that the potential prize that they can win is a generous one. And even though a potential payout at an online sportsbook can be a great one, it can never match the jackpot of an online casino. If you wish to explore this matter further, you can read about casino payout ratio that the best gambling operators have to offer. In this way, you can see that various online casinos offer amazing jackpot awards on both regular and progressive slots. What is more, to get a prize by betting at a sportsbook that would be equal to one such jackpot, you would have to place at least 10 selections or more with high odds. Therefore, the probability of winning such a sum at an online sportsbook is quite low.

Generous Welcome Offers

Even though new players can find generous welcome offers with many online sportsbooks, like free bets and match on the first deposit, it’s more likely that they will find a better sign up promotion with an online casino. Furthermore, many online casinos feature welcome bonuses that offer free spins or free play time with low wagering requirements. Additionally, new users can find the best operators and compare their welcome offers in different online reviews. So, by reading a review of Capitaine Cook Casino, players can learn that they can claim both free spins and a match on their first deposit after registration. And this can be done with many other top-notch operators. Therefore, casino fans can easily find a welcome bonus offer with a low rollover requirement that they can claim.

Don’t Have To Make an Analysis Every Time You Play

Choosing between an online casino or a sportsbook always comes down to personal preference. However, if someone who hasn’t tried either one of these two options wanted to join an online gambling platform, they would find online casino games are simply easier to play. Whereas sports betting fans need to be up to date with the latest statistics, sports news, and standings, casino players only need to learn the rules of games like poker, blackjack, or baccarat once, and that’s it. Most importantly, without learning any rules, they can play games with the highest possible payout - slots. To play slots, players only need to click on the “Spin” button, and that’s it. On the other hand, bettors need to do a thorough analysis every time they want to place a bet. So for new players who are looking to play as soon as possible, online casinos may be a better option.


When placing prematch bets online on sports like football, basketball, or tennis, punters need to wait until the end of the match before they know if they have won a prize or not. Of course, in some cases, they don’t have to wait until the end - for example, if they placed a bet that a certain football team will score three or more goals, and the team manages to do this within the first 10 minutes, they won’t have to wait the entire 90 minutes to pass. Also, in the case of live betting, the pace can be a bit faster. But in most cases, online bettors have to wait a long time before they know if their betting slip is winning or not.

On the other hand, online casino games have a much faster pace. It takes a few minutes, sometimes even seconds, before the game is over, and you know if you won a jackpot or not. In other words, within just a few seconds, you can turn from a newbie to a millionaire.

Perhaps a slower pace of playing is more appropriate for an older generation of gambling fans. But this faster tempo is more appropriate for the new generation of players who appreciate time-saving apps and platforms. So overall online casinos offer better payout rates, more generous welcome offers, and easy-to-understand games that can be played by almost anyone.