Who Will Lead Europe’s Top Leagues by the End of November?

The competition among the best teams in Europe’s t

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Who Will Lead Europe’s Top Leagues by the End of November?

The competition among the best teams in Europe’s top football leagues is always tough. For many teams, the 2022/2023 season has been particularly tough due to the jam-packed fixtures. Players have little time to play, rest, and recover before the next game.

The FIFA World Cup is also happening mid-season, and the pause in the season could have a different bearing on teams. Qatar's stance on betting at the World Cup is not entirely clear but with promotional offers like Ladbrokes promo code, it will be impossible for fans to turn down the chance to bet on their teams. Fans relish the World Cup tournament and hope their best club stars will play in Qatar. They can’t wait to support and stake on their national teams.

The football world is counting down to the World Cup in Qatar, but the important business before everyone is the top leagues in Europe.

Who are the current leaders in Europe?

The 2022/2023 season has been an experience filled with different strokes for different teams in Europe. One clear thing to all teams is that the competition has grown tougher.

In the Premier League, Arsenal is currently leading the table after 12 games. Manchester City is second to Arsenal with a 2-point deficit. Arsenal has been in fine form since the season started.

In Serie A, Napoli is 5 points clear at the top after 12 games. Luciano Spaletti’s men are unbeaten in the league and are proving too hot for their competition.

In Spain, it is a close race between defending champions Real Madrid and Barcelona, who are on 32 and 31 points, respectively, after 12 games. Madrid is unbeaten, and Barcelona’s only loss has been at the El Classico against Real Madrid.

In Germany, Union Berlin is the unfamiliar leader after 12 games. Berlin currently leads with 26 points from 12 games and is ahead of Bayern Munich by 1 point.

In France, PSG has a 5-point gap at the top of the table after 13 games. PSG currently has 35 points.

What could happen by the end of November?

Many of these top teams seem to have hit their strides, but due to the World Cup starting on November 20, every league activity must be suspended for the tournament. Between now and the World Cup, teams have an average of 2 to 3 matches to play.

These matches will be tricky. Players will be cautious not to pick up injuries, which may affect their performances. Most top club coaches know this but do not seem to have a solution to the current conundrum they have to face during these weeks before the World Cup.

At the end of November, we may likely have new leaders in the Premier League, La Liga, and the Bundesliga.

Footballers who will represent their countries at the World Cup are excited about the opportunity. However, as the tournament approaches, they have to exercise more caution to avoid late injuries that can rule them out of the competition.