What Does 1X2 Mean In Football Betting?

Football is the most popular sport for sports bett

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What Does 1X2 Mean In Football Betting?

Football is the most popular sport for sports betting, with enormous amounts wagered on matches worldwide every year. One of the most widespread football betting types is 1X2 betting, where you predict the full-time result of a game. But what precisely does 1X2 refer to, and how do these popular bets work? Read our article to find the answer to all these questions!

Understanding 1X2 Betting

1X2 betting, or full-time result wagering, involves predicting the final match outcome after 90 minutes plus stoppage time. There are three possible results:

  • 1 - The home team wins the game.
  • X – The game finishes as a draw.
  • 2 – The away team wins.

When you place a 1X2 wager, select one of these three results that you believe will most likely occur once the final whistle blows. The best football betting sites offer this bet type on matches across high-profile competitions worldwide.

How 1X2 Betting Odds Work

Bookmakers assign odds for the three outcomes in 1X2 football bets, determining how much you stand to win. Lower odds signify that the bookmaker views that particular result as more probable.

For instance, heavyweight favorites Brazil may have 1.30 odds of playing at home against weaker opposition. The match-ending level could be priced generously at 5.00, while an away underdog win could be set at 8.00. If you bet $10 on Brazil and they win, your payout would be $13.

Match1 (Home Win)X (Draw)2 (Away Win)
France vs. Austria1.225.5010.00
Arsenal vs. Leeds1.903.604.10
Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich2.153.253.40

Key Types of 1X2 Football Bets

While 1X2 generally refers to betting on the full-time match result, some common variations include:

Full-Time Result (1X2)

This is the standard 1X2 wager on whether the game finishes as a home win, draw or away win after 90 minutes plus added time.

Half-Time Result (HT 1X2)

For half-time 1X2 betting, you predict whether the home side will lead or trail or if scores will be level at the midway break rather than full-time.

Double Chance

Double-chance betting enables you to cover two possible results in a single bet. For example, you could wager on “1X”, meaning you win if the home team either wins OR it’s a draw.

Draw No Bet (DNB)

Draw no bet removes the draw from contention. Your stake gets refunded if the match finishes level. You simply bet on home or away victory in this market.

Asian Handicap 1X2

Applying an Asian handicap advantage aims to level the playing field somewhat by giving the underdog a boost. A +1.5 goal start means they begin on paper with a 1.5 goal head start.

Handicap TypeProsCons
AsianClearer outcomes. Single handicap spans all possible results.Fractional handicaps might seem confusing at first.
EuropeanFamiliar with new bettors. Only one match line is shown.An additional result of “push” or “tie” where stakes are returned.

Betting Strategies for 1X2 Wagers

An effective 1X2 betting strategy requires more than just random guesses. It demands research, analysis and strategic thinking. Key betting tips include:

  1. Study Stats: Research both teams' form, head-to-head record, injuries and other factors like weather or morale. Don't let bias cloud judgment - base selections on data, not allegiance.
  2. Consider the Draw: Few beginners should pay attention to draws when betting 1X2. These odds often offer value, so try to draw doubles/trebles rather than just predicting winners.
  3. Use Handicaps: If you strongly fancy an outcome but don't like the 1X2 odds, explore Asian handicap markets. Better value may exist by giving one team a score deficit.
  4. Bet In-Play: Live 1X2 odds shift as matches unfold, providing canny punters who read games opportunities to find value.
  5. Try Betting Exchanges: Exchanges offer better odds than bookies and allow laying bets (wagering against outcomes) - adding extra dimensions.


Q: When can I place 1X2 bets - before kick-off or live?

A: 1X2 markets are available both pre-match and live after kick-off, with odds shifting in-play based on events.

Q: What if a football match gets postponed or is not completed?

A: If a game is postponed pre-match or abandoned before full-time, all placed 1X2 bets are voided and stakes refunded.

Q: Can I combine 1X2 bets with other wager types?

A: Many bookmakers enable you to combine 1X2 predictions with other markets, like Over/Under goals and Asian Handicap betting in an accumulator.

Q: How often should I place 1X2 bets?

A: Carefully select 1-3 value bets per match day. Wagering too frequently reduces value and long-term profit margins.

Q: Is there a best period for 1X2 betting?

A: Early season can see more variation in full-time results as promoted teams struggle to adapt. The run-in when relegation/titles are decided also tends to produce upsets.

Q: Why do odds fluctuate in live 1X2 betting?

A: If a red card is shown or an underdog takes an early lead, for example, the odds shift rapidly to reflect the changing state of play.